This dapper rental electric scooter is the perfect sidekick for congestion-free city commuting

A scooter designed for rental city rides goes all well for the future of commuting without getting stuck in traffic jams. To top it off, YETTIE looks totally badass to make young riders go bonkers over the idea!

Electric scooters are the undeniable future as they come good on all counts for solo city commuting needs. They take up the least possible parking space, are highly maneuverable in traffic, and have minimal environmental footprint when stacked against EVs. To appeal to more urban riders, a scooter needs to have that definitive sense of style and cool factor. Keeping this very spirit alive for the future of urban commuting is the striking electric scooter concept penned by Roman Dolzhenko.

Designer: Roman Dolzhenko

This rental scooter dubbed YETTIE impresses on the first look for its sharp balanced design which seems tailor-made for city riding needs. The big chunky tires (by a kick scooter’s standards) make sure the rider is confident of taking turns at respectable speeds or driving during rainy days too. The essence of the design is its Sin City 2077 panache which Roman explicitly highlights in the renderings. For sure it has got to have a Cyberpunk 2077 influence – at least those LED lights and the flowing motifs on the inside lining of the front tires suggest the fact.

The rider gets all the vital telemetric information on the monochrome LED display on the handlebar, displaying the battery charge level, current driving speed, and important notifications from connected mobile devices. Robust make of the two-wheeler ride is important since it is projected as a rental e scooter, and use-case scenarios demand such a ride to take on the brunt of rough use. While Roman limits the concept’s avenues to just rental use, I think it will make for a very excellent private-owned scooter too.