This highly functional kick scooter folds down conveniently with the push of a button

Electric kick scooters are one of the practical solutions to overcome the problem of traffic congestion in cities. There are countless such designs on the market on the market and countless others in the concept pipeline too. But are all of them practical when we ponder over real-life situations on the road, or their ability to be seamless in finishing up the intended task?

The Zipper electric scooter checks most of the checkboxes when one considers the ease of riding a scooter, fold it down when not needed, and is compact enough to store it after use. This urban ride gets a 500W motor that takes it to a top speed of 20 mph and is capable of pushing it up inclined roads with a 25-degree slope. It can haul a rider weighing up to 125 kg, so most people are good to go. The scooter comes with a maximum range of 16 miles on a single charge which fills the 10Ah battery in approximately four hours.

Designer: Rostyslav Matiukhin

A minimalistic approach in design takes precedence in the design with function revolving around the ease of usage. The minimal looks don’t mean it’s not attractive. In fact, every line and shape is crafted keeping in mind the needs of prospect users. This is apparent in the shock-absorption capability of the e-scooter with the independent 4-link suspension (just like in F1 cars) made out of composite materials working hard to absorb all the bumps. The three wheels (two at the front and one at the rear) and the tiltable fork help maintain the balance, and minimize the inertia while making tight turns. All this ensures a naturally comfortable and safe ride in crowded urban scenarios.

Obviously, you’ll be done riding the Zipper at some point in time during the day, so it comes with an electric lift system that folds the scooter to half the size with the push of a button. So, the rider doesn’t have to worry about making his hands dirty. The commuter has a detachable 21 litres to stow groceries or any other accessories. The nifty monochrome display shows the current speed, mileage and total range of the ride. Smartphones can also be attached to have a glance at important notifications.

Zipper also gets a 1000 lumens power headlight (having a trail of 200 meters) which is positioned in a way to not beam any glare at commuters coming from the opposite side. There are five lighting modes and an 85-degree flooding angle to make the road ahead visible in the dark hours. Proposed in three upmarket color options, the Zipper is a ride to have on your radar when it finally comes out.