Small Fuel Cell Olympics

Do you know the future? Do you know what will happen during the Helinski Olympics of 2030? Finland will be there, I would hope. Finland will be represented by a small fuel cell powered vehicle that’ll offer tours around the whole arena of sights showing off the fabulousness of indigenous Finland. See Finland’s entirety in this fantastic environmentally sound, tiny cute car. Made from local glass, wool felt, recycled bio plastic, bent birch plywood, and ceramics.

All rolling hard on a Fuel Cell engine.

This entire auto project shows the potential for Finland to go from global supply to a total local system “in order to decrease the carbon footprint and offer new industry possibilities” for the whole dern country. Local hydrogen plants powered by geothermal heat make this car go – making this entire project a fully emission free, energy independent system of transport.

The car itself is built with the golden ratio, following Finnish design cues in their mathematical and rational ways. For example, the fuel cell is located in the floor, offering maximum interior space in a compact overall auto. Lots of glass windows, lots of viewing pleasure. Lots of bent birch and memory foam in the seats, lots of sitting pleasure.* *These seats move on rails through the car allowing for a rather uniquely easy time getting in and out of the car. The seats also have two potential layouts, one being a diamond shape maximizing leg space for each passenger, and a classic one opening up luggage space at the back of the car.

The car is 3196mm long, 1848mm wide and 1514 high, with lots of potential for some fantastic paint jobs on the outside I must say.

Designer: Miika Heikkinen