This pet-friendly e-scooter comes with a secure storage compartment for your dogs to ride shotgun!

Mopet is a pet-friendly e-scooter with an integrated storage compartment so small dogs can come along with you on rides in a secure crate.

There aren’t many options for dog owners to get around cities with their little pup in tow. Resolving to pulling their dogs on leashes or stowing smaller pups inside bicycle baskets, the options are either inconvenient or unsafe. Providing a solution for dog owners to crate their dogs around with them, Mopet is an electric scooter design that integrates a spacious and secure storage compartment where owners can keep their dogs while they scoot around from place to place.

Mopet was primarily designed as a means for city residents to bring along their little pups on trips that would be too far for smaller dogs. Since safety is the number one priority when considering modes of pet-friendly transportation, Mopet is equipped with plenty of safety features. Users can turn on the e-bike’s high beam LEDs when riding at night to make their e-bike and little dog visible to oncoming traffic.

Whether their city is going through its annual summer heatwave or their dog is too tired to keep walking, Mopet is outfitted with a large-capacity battery that allows travel for 60km with a full charge.

Foldable by design, Mopet features a hinge fastening system near the base of its handlebars that collapses to optimize the e-bike’s storability. Weighing only 25 kilograms (50 pounds), Mopet can easily slip into the trunk of a car.

When it comes to bringing your dog along on trips, considering your pet’s safety is a top priority. The designers behind Mopet introduced an innovative answer to pet-friendly modes of transportation. With an integrated fastening system and folding mechanism, Mopet strikes the perfect balance of safety and practicality.

Designer: Mopet