This Audi-inspired electric scooter is designed to redefine sleek and safe commuting

I think it’s about time we all admit that scooters are cool – even those aluminum kick scooters that would sometimes slice your ankle in two when they swung around too quickly. Scooters have had some major developments in recent years. With suburban millennials moving to cities, getting around the city on electric scooters has almost become synonymous with ride-sharing. Thankfully, electric scooters look a little more grownup than those slim, foldable scooters we grew up riding around the block. Daekwang Kim recently developed his interpretation of the electric scooter, e-Tron, with inspiration from the automobile manufacturer, Audi, to bring an even sharper edge to the ever-changing electric scooter.

When it comes to production, performance, and style, Audi is consistently top-rated, which could explain the inspiration behind Kim’s e-Tron design. His interpretation of the e-scooter resembles the cool metallic finish we expect from Audi models, sporting a smooth, glacier-gray coating for the scooter’s bar and exterior deck. The deck is equipped with a non-slip, black, rubber-treaded grip so that while you’re coasting down the boulevard, your feet can stay firmly planted. You’ll find the electric scooter’s accelerating buttons on its handlebar, which is wrapped in a thin and smooth silicone grip for steady balance, without any moisture absorption. The scooter’s electronic display gleams front and center on the scooter’s handlebar. There, you can read the time of day, along with the e-Tron’s battery levels and changing riding speed.

While riding on scooters in cities is both convenient and a lot of fun, it can be dangerous without taking proper safety precautions, but e-Tron’s got us covered so we can ride easy. In addition to the electronic display feature, e-Tron rides with fully-integrating LED lights that can alert night drivers of your location on the road. Rear lighting for brake lights and turn signals take up the backside of the scooter so that you can share the road with drivers and pedestrians alike. On the scooter’s rear, an installed camera and radar sensor can inform users of oncoming traffic or people trailing behind the scooter. Users can also utilize an accompanying app for e-Tron models that provides any additional information regarding the scooter’s overall quality or the incorporated software such as the embedded camera systems so users can learn about their scooter all within the app. This three-wheeled scooter will wear a smooth as velvet exterior, cut your carbon footprint naturally, and offer some of the most advanced software available, so riding this scooter will feel as cool and swift as riding in an Audi.

Designer: Daekwang Kim x Audi