This electric scooter folds down to half the size of a conventional kick scooter for easy city transportation!

Smacircle is a redesign of the electric kick scooter that folds down to half the size of a traditional kick scooter for easy transport and seamless maneuverability.

Getting around crowded cities always feels harder than it should be. Even if you live in a driving city like Los Angeles, finding parking is near impossible and then there’s the walk from your parking space to your destination. In New York City, you always have to add in the time it takes to actually walk to and from the subway station. In walking cities, the sidewalks just get too packed. Introducing a new way of getting around the city, designer Rice Mak conceptualized Smacircle, an electric scooter that folds down to half the size of a traditional scooter so you’ll always have a ride as you make your way through the city.

According to Mak, Smacircle solves the “last kilometer” problem of most crowded cities. While subways cover the majority of urban areas, the distance between each stop is at least one to two kilometers, which means your destination is likely one to two kilometers away from each subway stop. Smacircle is an electric scooter that can fold down to a size you’ll feel comfortable with bringing onto the subway and then once you’re out, you can zoom in the bike lane for your destination.

Featuring an integrated motor in its vertical support bar, Smacircle folds in three places to become one-third of its operating size. Unfolded, Smacircle reaches the same height and width as a conventional kick scooter, but has an advantage over the latter for its compact folded size, dropping down to half the size of a traditional folded kick scooter.

Edging out the conventional scooter further, Smacircle comes with built-in shock absorbers that work to maintain the scooter’s small, but mighty build, enhancing its overall maneuverability. In the center of the scooter’s handlebar, just above the motor, Mak incorporated a digital display panel where users would be able to read the scooter’s battery life, speed, and mileage. Equipping Smacircle with everything a city rider might need for their commute, located on the same display panel, users can access the scooter’s high beams and USB socket.

Designer: Rice Mak

Smacircle comes with a small kickstand to remain in place when at a halt.

Smacircle folds down to half the size of a traditional folded kick scooter.

With a narrow build, Smacircle is easy to carry at your side too.

The digital display gadget reveals all the technical information necessary for a smooth ride.

The scooter’s hinged parts lock into place when unfolded. 

Built with integrated shock absorbers, Smacircle ensures a swift ride.