Top 10 bicycles designed to make urban commute eco-friendly

I’m team bicycle through and through! They are the most eco-friendly means of transportation, and also really fun to ride. They create zero emissions and encourage people to ditch the fossil fuel consuming and pollution-causing automobiles. And not to mention, not only are they healthy for the environment but for us as well! They promote good health and ensure you get your daily dose of exercise done, without even hitting the gym. In an attempt to encourage and celebrate bicycles, we’ve curated a collection of unique and innovative bicycle designs that will cater to everyone’s diverse bicycle-riding needs. From a revolutionary all-wheel-drive bicycle to a DIY wooden bicycle – there’s a cool bike in here for everyone!

1. The Infinity

Created by Stuttgart-based designer Stephan Henrich, this uniquely shaped bicycle is an out-of-the-box automotive design by a long way. The all-wheel beach and city cruiser is propelled forward by a monotyre-clip chain system which automatically forms a temporary rim in the wheel sections, as well as a dented belt drive in the interior groove. The monotyre is powered via the central wheel as the crank generates the force required to churn the wheels. The bicycle sets into motion with the help of the short-chain, and an 8-speed gearbox which is nothing like we have seen thus far.

2. Openbike

This bicycle made of plywood was created with an intent to get more people to focus on sustainability. The open-source design is called ‘Openbike’ and despite the obvious problems that come with a bike made from plywood, it is still an affordable and lightweight alternative for those who want to live on a budget but are also eco-conscious. You can download the files to build your own bike here! Architects Raquel Ares and Iñaki Albistur said, “It is a manifesto on sustainable urbanism, urban transport, distributed manufacturing, shared knowledge, the community, and the responsible use of resources, that materializes in the design of a non-polluting urban transport, the bicycle, that can be manufactured by its own use within the city where it is going to be used.”

3. Pilot

This bicycle centers on a lightweight 7005 series aluminum frame and striking hubless wheel characteristics. To finalize the hubless wheel design that is functional to the last detail, Franz took help from his mechanical engineering colleagues. In the end, the off-center axle design had the additional gear to spin the wheels at a proper rate with pedaling motion. This is assisted by the onboard motor for that extra boost on inclines when the throttle is pressed. The Pilot bicycle finally came to life after countless edits and alterations to the design. The next step was to finalize the colors, materials, and finishes.

4. Loop

City bikes are designed to be intuitive for smooth, easy rides. When coasting between traffic and stoplights, a city bike ride should feel lightweight and nimble. Through a unique approach in designing his city bike, Gaëtan Francq created Loop, a compact city bike whose parts were developed around the bike’s looped frame to deliver a fully-contained, sleek ride. As eye-catching as Loop’s frame might be, the city bike from Gaëtan Francq Studio comes through with a lot more perks. Starting out with Loop’s handlebar, which comes packed with Bluetooth connectivity, the city bike’s simplified GPS is contained here to ensure riders won’t lose their way in new cities or on unfamiliar roads. Just below Loop’s handlebar, a storage compartment fills out the bike’s looped saddle tube, allowing riders to bring items like bottles of water or even wine along with them for the ride.

5. Prototype o

Called Prototype 0, this velodrome track racing bicycle imagined for speed heads shines out with its unibody design that’s centered on drag reduction and aerodynamic optimization for maximum acceleration with minimum effort. The ultra-slim profile of the Prototype helps in achieving the least possible aerodynamic drag which is great for effortless commuting. The bike is a fixie – a single-speed gear bicycle that is tailored for urban riding for extra degree control. Don’t expect it to be as good for steep ascends or rugged terrain, as it’s purely designed to be a racing demon for smooth tarmac surfaces. The presence of a bigger gear shaft means that the control is going to be the ride’s forte.

6. Carbon

While on the first impression you might mistake (anyone would) this for a powerful electric bike ready to take on any terrain – it in reality is something more subtle. Yes, this is in reality a pedal-powered electric bicycle dubbed ‘Carbon’, crafted at Moto Parilla, an Italian automotive designer house. Meant to traverse any rough terrain with electric motor-assisted power when needed, the pedal-powered bicycle comes with the reassurance of fat wheels for superior grip. The wheels are perfectly synced with the equally big oversized disc brakes and the hydraulic brakes. The composite carbon fiber and aluminum body further gives the bike a very modern appeal for new-age rider’s delight. Not to mention the toughness, agility, and durability the material brings to the ride.

7. CeramicSpeed

CeramicSpeed’s new drivetrain removes the ubiquitous chain that’s synonymous with two-wheelers for a drivetrain that’s mess-free, low on friction, and amazing looking. A rotating shaft replaces the need for a greasy chain, and it works spectacularly well, say the people at CeramicSpeed, reducing friction by as much as 49%. Where chains usually wrap around toothed gears, pulling individually at each tooth, causing sliding friction at each point, the ‘Driven’ chainless drivetrain has just two points of contact, where the pedals interface with the rotating shaft, and where the shaft transfers the rotation to the rear wheel. At these points, CeramicSpeed introduces ceramic ball bearings on the shaft, causing less friction as the bearings push against the teeth of the gears and rotate too, resulting in an extremely smooth movement.


City bicycles are diverse. Some of them are designed to carry heavy loads, others for speed. What if bicyclists want to use their bicycles for more than solely for speed performance – but also for logistics. What if they don’t want to be forced, to always wear backpacks, even if they only want to carry a raincoat, EDC, or basic shopping supplies. The AEROCARRIER gives bicycles the additional storage they deserve. Just like most scooters that come with storage below the seat, the AEROCARRIER straps to the back of any cycle seat, giving you 3 liters of fully secure, waterproof storage. Designed to bring the perspective of basic logistics to an otherwise designed-for-performance machine, the AEROCARRIER lets you carry supplies and emergency items like a reflective vest, med-kits, or even spares like bike tubes or a repair kit. It brings the practicality needed to city cycles.

9. The Wing Cycle

This stunning roadster bike looks to the sky for avian inspiration! It’s called the Wing Cycle and its frame veers from the traditional diamond shape, instead of adopting the form of a bird wing structure. This includes a mesmerizing cable wire design that supports the seat. Furthermore, the cable rope system can be adjusted to change the position of the seat for different riding modes. Clad in a beautiful material blend of chrome, leather, and wood, the result is skeletal yet sleek and entirely different than anything out there.

10. METL bike tires

Just when you thought tubeless bike tires are the best thing on the road for your bicycle, the next revolution has arrived. The very technology that NASA uses in its Mars rover and lunar mission, has now made it through to the consumer-oriented arena in the form of METL tire developed by the startup Smart Tire Company, who’ve licensed the technology to bring to the bicycle lanes in the near future. The airless METL bike tires are crafted out of the Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology (SMART) – made from strong (like titanium), lightweight yet ultra-elastic material (like rubber) known as NiTinol+. This magic material according to Smart Tire Company, “rearranges its molecular structure when you bend it, but instantly goes back to its original shape, perfectly.”