This Porsche clover green e-scooter is the retro style statement you need to end 2020 with a bang!

One of the earliest motor scooters was designed in 1915. The finished scooter was mounted on top of two ten-inch tires and operated from the handlebars, offering speeds up to 20 mph with 125 miles to a full tank. Back then, the design was ahead of its time, but it wasn’t too popular amongst consumers. The only people interested in motor scooters seemed to have been city dwellers. With city living being the preference for most young people today, it’s no wonder motorized scooters are increasing in popularity. Mjotim, from Yifeeling Design Lab, was produced in order to meet today’s technological standards while paying tribute to the earliest forms of motorized scooters.

Adhering to the typical structure of the scooter, Mjotim was designed to be ridden standing up, with the vehicle’s motor encased inside and gear information outside of the steering column, along with two handlebars, which are primarily used for steering. A screen on top of the right handlebar informs the rider of their speed on a gauge and a brake lever adjusts the rider’s speed on the left handlebar. In the center of the steering column, a tachometer indicates to users the wheel’s rotation speed, along with different knobs that comprise the scooter’s power control interface: a power pushbutton, a lock button, and an accelerator. Below the tachometer and power control knobs, a small compartment fans out if the rider is ever in need of storage space. Mjotim has one headlight that outwardly faces oncoming traffic for late-night rides to the grocery store or commutes back home after the workday. Atop the scooter’s rear wheel, a backlight shines from behind so that cars and pedestrians see you no matter how late the ride.

Mjotim does its expected job of getting riders from Point A to Point B and it looks good while doing it. With burnt natural leather accenting emblematic retro color schemes. Mjotim is practically a rendered time traveler from 1967, and maybe that’s what we need – a dose of everything old and good in our life to wrap up 2020 feeling good about the oncoming year. Taking inspiration from the Royal typewriter, a clover green Porsche and gleaming Schwinn bicycles, the designers behind Mjotim aimed to provide young professionals and city dwellers with a mode of transportation that not only safely carries riders to their destination but brings them there in vintage style.

Designers: Tim Danilaer Fasikola, Yang Lei x Yifeeling Design