This modular e-bike goes from urban commuter to an edgy sports bike instantly

We’ve come across a fair share of shape-shifting bikes in the past that shout out loud to the automotive design community with their bold blueprints. Such creations have their own cheeky advantages when we consider the comfort or performance dynamics. The CAKE’s modular electric motorcycle, BMW Motorrad e-scooter, EXT E-kick Scooter or the Tesla electric bike concept.

Electric bikes are propping up left right and center owing to the gradual shift to zero-emission means of transportation, and if such bikes can be customized to rider’s needs, it is only for a better future. The R8 Switch + electric bike is yet another concept that gives us a good look at the probable form of EVs without being too complicated or hard to imagine as being feasible in real-life conditions. The bike designed for the urban lifestyle is a personal project resulting from a need the designer experienced.

Designer: R8

The motor scooter he had was economical, and even able to ferry around his friends. Where it fell short was the aggressive driving stance to experience the freedom at high speeds without looking stupid. This prompted him to create a scooter with a shape-shifting core to go from a mellowed-down e-scooter to a flamboyant motorbike in just under a minute’s time. To achieve this, the geometry of the two-wheeler is toggled seamlessly.

Switch + looks like a compact urban bike ready for the daily grocery commute in Mode 1 which focuses on efficiency, riding comfort, and the psychological feeling of calm. Here the rider’s seat is much lower and the pillow seat is raised slightly. In Mode 2, the electric bike has an elevated positioning of the seat for the rider – as one would find on a sports bike. In this configuration, the set of wheels is tailored for solo skirmishes where tilting at chicanes and hard braking won’t be unusual. Both these mode shifts are achieved via the rotating seat geometry attached to the front frame section. The headlights with 4 independent LEDs can also change shape for a far throw or shorter throw in either mode with a flatter orientation or more pointed position respectively.

The battery placed on the left side can be removed for charging or replaced with a swappable battery for long-distance commutes. This one too gets a rotating swivel for easier removal of the heavy battery from the housing. The longer wheelbase of the Switch + e-bike is indicative of the fact that it can indeed be your café racer when you’re in the mood!