CAKE’s latest modular motorcycle with a clamp-able unibar gives over a 1000 configurations!

The Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE has always managed to blow our minds with their dynamic, state-of-the-art two-wheelers, and this time they’ve taken things up a notch with their latest innovation ‘Ösa’. Ösa is a ‘clean and efficient utility vehicle with [an] integrated power station and off-road capabilities.’ The modular bike is perfect for on-and-off-road riding, and is electric, accelerating all of us towards a zero-emission future! Inspired by the humble ‘workbench’, Ösa showcases a gray uni-bar over the seating area, providing a clamp-on system that allows the user to attach numerous items from baskets, bags to tools and much more, creating over 1000 different configurations for different purposes!

Designer: CAKE

The CAKE Ösa comes in two premium versions: the Ösa Lite and Ösa+. While both promise to be light, clean and eco-friendly, there are a few highlighted differences. Both builds have options for either a 1.5kWh or 2.6 kWh, but the higher power and speed model Ösa+ offers a range up to 63 miles. The Ösa Lite functions as a lithe moped with a top speed of up to 30 mph, while the Ösa+ can be deemed a powerful electric motorcycle.

What makes both these bikes completely unique is their battery pack which doubles as a mobile power station. Equipped with multiple outlets, the battery pack can be used for a variety of activities and diverse scenarios, ensuring every kind of person from an office worker to a craftsman finds some utility in the Ösa. Delivery services, charging battery-powered tools, cooking purposes, powering an amplifier for a fun music session, off-road adventures, etc are just a few situations wherein the power station can be employed. 110/120 v wall outlets can be used to charge the Ösa completely within 3 hours.

“To avoid an environmental meltdown, there is an obligation to change what is shared by everyone. Transportation is one of the more evident changes. We’re seeing combustion vehicles being replaced by electric; gasoline and diesel are being banned, and cars will soon be excluded from the urban landscape. The Ösa is our next offering—it provides a viable platform for that change as it so capably meets the diverse needs and priorities of our customers,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake in a company release.

And it seems like the Ösa is the perfect culmination of their efforts to reduce the consistent destruction of our environment. With uncompromisingly high performance, appealing visuals and a guarantee to be sustainable, CAKE’s Ösa checks all of the right boxes!