This WILD all-terrain motorbike has tread-wheels for adventures in the most inhospitable environments

The moment I laid eyes on this unique motorbike (or should I say snowmobile) it was evident the vehicle is made for the most inhospitable conditions and terrain. Perhaps, the ideal ride for post-apocalyptic times where survival of the fittest is the new order.

This is the Unitrack electric all-terrain vehicle designed and developed by Oruga SIA, a Mobility Tech startup in Latvia. The three-wheeled motorbike with three ballooned wheels employs the company’s proprietary patent-pending monotrack tech, specifically developed to take on the “diverse challenging terrains, from hot sand and muddy forests to rocky climbs and snowy landscapes.” Will it be able to disrupt the Rokon dominance, who is known for designing the most resourceful pack mules and mototractors, is something we’ll know only when the Unitrack is set to the test in real-world conditions.

Designer: Oruga SIA

If you’re thinking the vehicle is just a pipedream with just a prototype and concept designs to back its claim, well, they are prepping for a mid-2025 manufacturing deadline with sales beginning shortly after that. Oruga is accepting pre-orders for the rig that promises its ease of use for varying sectors including first responders and outdoor adventurers. Turing this thing on tight corners is a breeze as the contact point of the wheel in between bends on the sections when steering input is received. Although the vehicle has a turning radius of around 6 meters, it should be easy to maneuver in most circumstances.

It can even drive in reverse which is an added perk when you’re stuck in a tight spot. However, I’m not that convinced about the idea of a steering system turning the wheel that’s off the ground. That said, it does have some advantages compared to the existing 200cc four-stroke Rokon. There are eco-conscious selection of tools for paramedics, military and first responders. Coming onto the power delivery of the EV, it has a 90kW motor with the option to choose from two versions – Nude 150 kg and Heavyweight 300kg. The machine achieves a range of 62 miles on a single charge, and that number can be extended to 124 miles in the hybrid mode.

Oruga claims a top speed of 60mph be it driving on sand, snow, gravel or rocky climbs. Unlike the noisy gasoline-powered snowmobiles this will not disturb the peace of the wilderness since it is an electric vehicle. Surprisingly, there’s no working model right now to assess the Unitrack’s claim, but we’re expecting a version to soon be available. Most prospective buyers will only put in their hard-earned savings on this if they see a real-life demo of the thing.