This Tesla electric bike’s frame shape-shifts form depending on riding conditions

A Tesla-branded electric bike concept designed to shape-shift the frame according to the rider’s position and the riding condition – ideal for the future of comfortable bike riding.

Tesla has gripped the electric four-wheeler market by the scruff of the neck and it’s only growing stronger with each passing year. The two-wheeler segment is by far untouched by the California-based EV maker. Given the visionary Elon Musk is, getting into the more lucrative two-wheeled electric vehicle market is not a far-fetched dream for him. So, how would a Tesla motorcycle be like? Will it have the same sharp characteristics as the Cybertruck or the flowing design of the Tesla Model 3?

This concept Tesla bike by San Diego-based renowned automotive designer Ash Thorp in close collaboration with Carlos “colorsponge” is pure dope. Ash calls this attention-grabbing set of wheels “THE SOKUDO” (meaning measuring in Japanese), and it is a part of the ongoing M.H.C. Collection by the duo. This being the 14th project in the collection.

The Tesla-themed bike here exudes a very refined persona honed by the custom-made extruded chassis having a battery pack and electric motor which is mated to a compact USD fork and single swing-arm. The lines and angles of this swing arm match the form of the bike frame – lending it a flowing characteristic. THE SOKUDO also has the Ducati DNA in part as the Ash and colorsponge took cues from their own custom Ducati bike build to create the reference point for this two-wheeler. The bike rides on big carbon fiber wheels having disc covers that match the Tesla theme.

According to the designer, both the suspension and the rear control arm move independently for a smooth ride. Further, the futuristic concept has a flexible outer shell that folds and takes shape according to the riding position and the road conditions.

Designer: Ash Thorp and Colorsponge