Halloween-themed Designs to add the ultimate spooky vibe to your home!

Halloween season is right around the corner, and it’s time to get spooky! Halloween is by far my favorite time of the year, and it always gets me super charged up, before it even arrives! From dressing up as my favorite TV show character to munching on candies galore, everything about this spooky holiday gets me excited! And, if you aren’t already in the Halloween mood, then this collection of Halloween-themed product designs will surely do the deed for you. From a tiny little dinosaur that hides in a lamp to a steampunk table lit up by Nixie Tubes – these Halloween-themed designs are sure to add the ultimate spooky theme to your home! Trick or treat? You pick!

For people who still don’t feel tech is dystopian enough, here’s the Eyecam… a webcam that creepily stares right into your soul. In a world where tech spies on you (sometimes blatantly), the Eyecam adds a layer of realism to it. Designed by researcher Marc Teyssier, the Eyecam is more of a social project that aims at turning the humble camera into something more relatable – for better or for worse. The resulting device is eerily similar to an eye. Sure, it comes covered with faux flesh and has eyebrows and eyelashes, but the Eyecam doesn’t just look like an eye. It behaves like one too. The eyeball can independently pivot inside the eye socket, looking around the room. A facial recognition software runs in the background, allowing the Eyecam to detect humans and look them directly in the eye. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the eyeball even has a tendency to move and jitter around like a human eye. It doesn’t stay absolutely still… instead, it looks and scans you, parts of your face, and intermittently shifts its gaze between your left and right eye.

What starts out as a simple white silhouette, on lighting up, it shows Brachio illuminated underneath the sheet. The form has a removable cylinder underneath that can be easily removed to help you switch the bulb. The attention to detail can be seen in the little tail sticking out from underneath the sheet. Bringing to mind all the sheet-covered ghosts we are sure to see this Halloween, the Mood Lamp Brachio creates a cozy little corner of your home that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Bringing this ghostly lamp into your home is sure to alleviate some gloom. If you have ever found yourself alone in a crowd, this mood lamp will surely ‘feel’ you and add some Halloween spirit to your bedside!

This steampunk-ish coffee table by Minnesota-based Machine Age Lamps is dope! The picture-perfect combination of retro-futurism with the contemporary Barnwood lends this furniture piece a sublime charm, without a doubt! Alright, coming onto the make – the coffee table has a rare, 100 years old Barnwood “salvaged from a Minessota USA barn” acting as the base section. On top, there is the half-inch thick glass top which gives an eye-popping look inside the steam pressure gauges and valves that urge you to own it right away. For the idealistic ambiance in the evenings or even while throwing a Halloween-themed party, you just have to turn up the nixie tubes underneath. There are six of them with dimmer switches hidden under the wood lip.

Available in 60mm and 80mm variants, this perfect sphere made from K9 crystal completely flips your world upside down, both literally and figuratively. The Lensball adds a real-life photo filter (and an absolutely beautiful one at that) to your photos. Perfect for almost any photo, be it in a natural or urban setting, be it of a product or a person, the Lensball draws attention to your composition by flipping things 180° and giving them a rather nifty fish-eye effect. It even comes with a convenient carrying case so that it doesn’t get damaged, whereas the K9 crystal gives it scratch-resisting properties (K9 is one of the most commonly used materials in lenses and optics).

The Orb, created as a creative collaboration between MB&F and L’Epée, can be placed in closed or open orientations to display the time and the complex physical movement that powers the clock. The clock comes with an orb-shaped design comprising a circular face on the front and four petals (or elytra, given the Orb pulls inspiration from beetles) that give it its spherical eyeball-esque shape. When closed, the orb looks like, well, an orb that sits on a dock (to prevent it from rolling over). You can manually open out the Orb’s elytra, making it look like a beetle in flight, and even have it stand vertically, with the clock facing upwards. In this open orientation, the Orb also showcases its mesmerizing 1839 movement, designed and manufactured in-house by L’Epée.

The Shaped 3D Skull Ice Tray Silicone Ice Mould produces four large ice cubes shaped like skulls! These interesting ice cubes are the perfect way to add a hint of spookiness and fun to your upcoming Halloween parties! The silicone-ice mold uses BPA-free materials that aren’t toxic. The flexible design ensures that the ice cubes can be released instantly and easily, and it is safe to store in your refrigerator and freezers!

The Number Cruncher watch has hands, but they aren’t for telling time! The watch face features an adorable cartoon monster that uses its hands to munch on numbers in a way that tells the time while also telling a story of sorts. This blue monster (stomping its way through Central London) comes with a window at its stomach and within its left hand. The hour of the day appears as the number in the monster’s hand, and as it munches on it, the minutes appear within the monster’s digestive system. It’s a good thing there’s no seconds dial on this watch because I honestly don’t know where one could possibly put it!

Hidden inside this pitch-black bulbous shape is an entire chandelier. The King Edison Ghost Pendant Lamp is a single large-ish bulb that comes with a black exterior but switches the light inside on, and you get this dimmed view of a rather magnificent miniature chandelier, almost as if you’re staring into a crystal ball at a ghostly image. Designed with a rather unique blend of modern and antique, the King Edison switches between the two. All you see is the hand-blown black glass exterior when it’s switched off, giving it a contemporary touch, however, switch it on and you travel back in time with a miniature real brass hanging candelabra on the inside. The overall design combines the simplicity of Edison bulbs with the majestic mystery of the King chandelier hiding within.

The Luna Mirror will pull you towards it like the moon pulls the ocean! This mirror is the most minimal way to bring a little bit of celestial aesthetic to your interiors. “The Crescent moon design is made of sand and pure pigments, on a mirror measuring 60 cm in diameter. Each piece is unique and different from the others because it is made in the same phase in which the moon is passing. It is exposed to the night, the serene and the next day to the sun to seal the agreement” says Granila. The entire process follows the moon and the handcrafted design makes each crater, every inch of that surface as unique as your home is.

There’s a particular short film in the Netflix anthology Love Death and Robots that’s about yogurt taking over the world. Scientists somehow managed to make yogurt sentient and gave it incredible problem-solving abilities. A jar of yogurt began solving complex problems humans couldn’t, and eventually became president of the USA. Jaro Kose’s Invader whisk has little to do with the story above, but I often wonder how our world would look if another sentient being (not necessarily milk-based) looked at our lifestyle, our products, and our ways of problem-solving and came up to us and said: “You’re clearly bad at this, let me handle it”. The Invader whisk looks almost as if it was designed with a similar outlook. More organic and less complicated than your regular hand-cranked whisk, Kose’s Invader whisk doesn’t look particularly man-made. With a weird alien-octopus-ish form and a radically different hemispherical radial gear, the Invader whisk looks great and probably performs better than its dull, metal, man-made counterpart. I wonder what this alien species will re-design next…