This tiny little dinosaur hiding in this lamp adds the perfect Halloween-y vibes to your home

Invite this little Brachiosaurus who wants to be left alone into your house with this cute lamp!

We are in the final phase of 2021, difficult as that may be to believe, the good thing is we are officially in the festive season. Autumn is in the air, bringing with it the chill and spook of Halloween to your homes. Meet Brachio, this miniature, cute, dinosaur-inspired character that invokes the feeling of wanting to be alone, while not wanting to be left completely alone.

What starts out as a simple white silhouette, on lighting up, it shows Brachio illuminated underneath the sheet. The form has a removable cylinder underneath that can be easily removed to help you switch the bulb. The attention to detail can be seen in the little tail sticking out from underneath the sheet.

Bringing to mind all the sheet-covered ghosts we are sure to see this Halloween, the Mood Lamp Brachio creates a cozy little corner of your home that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

In East Asia, the cartoon characters are created to match the country’s sentiments – the best example of this is the Japanese giant Sanrio who created Gudetama, a lazy egg yolk with a tiny bum that took the country by craze. Want to meet Brachio and get to know him better? Watch the animated clip that shows the moment Brachio burrows under his sheet!

Bringing this ghostly lamp into your home is sure to alleviate some gloom. If you have ever found yourself alone in a crowd, this mood lamp will surely ‘feel’ you and add some Halloween spirit to your bedside!

Designer: Studio Small Splash