This modular cat-tree can be any shape/style you want, with a customizable design that’s like IKEA for cats

With a classy, modular, creative design that definitely feels like LEGO-meets-IKEA for cats, the Petlibro Infinity DIY Cat Tree is a uniquely customizable piece of furniture to keep your cat occupied and fit, and both the pet and owner equally happy. The modular design comes with multiple parts that allow you to build the tree in any shape or style you want. Depending on how much space you’ve got in the house, the Infinity DIY Cat Tree’s design is flexible enough to fit just where you want it and be just as compact or expansive as your house permits.

Designer: Petlibro Design

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The Petlibro Infinity DIY Cat Tree was built with the idea that humans have couches and beds, dogs have kennels, hamsters have cages with exercise wheels… but cats don’t really have any furniture that’s specific to just them. Sure, a cat is happy with just an empty carton, but that’s not really the model to be living on in 2021, now is it? Arriving at the perfect middle ground for both cats and humans, the Infinity DIY Cat Tree is a fun little piece of furniture designed to please your feline friend while keeping it constantly curious and engaged, and its Scandinavian-inspired clean design makes it look great in any home.

The design centers around a DIY approach, quite like IKEA furniture sets, although you can deviate from the script to build whatever you want… a system which Petlibro’s designers call “Infinity DIY”. Like any cat tree, the Infinity DIY Cat Tree uses multiple platforms, connected using vertical columns, although the design is hackable. You can add as many platforms as you want, building it to a height that’s suited for your interiors, by adding or reducing columns. The platforms can then be upgraded with a variety of items, like cushions, toys, tubes, etc. to give the cat everything it needs to stay entertained.

The design’s much more robust than regular corrugated-paper cat trees too. The Infinity DIY Cat Tree is made with a stable wood structure for a much more sturdy design, with IKEA-style fixtures that let you plug modules together in under 10 minutes.

The main vertical columns come wrapped with rope to double as scratching posts, and the platforms can be customized with a crawl-through tunnel, cushions for our cat to sleep on, and a teaser-toy for your cat to play with. Petlibro plans on expanding their ecosystem and introducing new modules, so your cat tree gets its share of upgrades every few years… just like you periodically upgrade the furniture in your house!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $158 (50% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $90,000.