Ten Creative and High-Tech Cups and Mugs Concepts

Emotional attachment with worldly goods in not healthy! Look at me; I’m a wreck coz I broke my favorite coffee mug. Curse the moment when it slipped outta my fingers and crashed into pieces. I know I can easily get a replacement, but a fav mug is a favorite mug! Ok, enuf of ranting now, I’m in the market for something new and exciting, so join me in a journey that brings out Ten Creative and Evolved Cups/Mugs, coz apparently some of em now host speakers and a comp!

10) Tea Bag Coffin by Jonas Trampedach

Ten Creative and High-Tech Cups and Mugs Concepts

Writer Chris has an interesting anecdote to his tea-dinking ventures, sadly I have none coz I don’t drink tea. But I greatly appreciate this design for offering a clever solution for placing a wet dripping tea bag.

9) Link Mugs by Jonathan Aspinall


Announcing a trip to the café at work usually results in requests for “me-too wants another cup of coffee”. Link 6 together and carry them without a spill. No trays required!

8 ) Drip With Song Concept by Jongmin Kim


Say “design me a cup” to an Asian designer and you can expect the most unusual outcome. You’ll understand more when you scroll down a bit. Take this CD player cup for instance…It’s a cup alrite, but you can play a CD from it.

7) Folding Cup by Jaehyung Hong


Picky about your cup? Over-possessive maybe? Alrite patent it with unique markings of letters, numbers or symbols, this ways you’ll always know which cup is yours. Always!

6) Balance – Cup for Everybody by Pamela Lindgren


Dotted with Braille markings on its side, so that you can get a better grip. Alas! Better Grip in the first place would have ensured that my coffee mug never slipped! No place for butter fingers. Boo Hoo!

5) Message Of Love Cup by Sunman Kwon


For the love of your brew, or simply coz you adore quirky styles; this one’s ideal for hinting sweet nothings. And as Anthony puts it, a slow strip tease of affection!

4) The Cup by Hyuh-Jin Lee & Hyeroung Choen


Like I said earlier, technology has hit cup design as well. Get you daily dose of info via “The Cup”. My cup runneth over with pics from YD!

3) The Yuno PC Cup by Jason Farsai


If your your caffeine and net addiction had sex then their love child would be this coffee mug! It shows important morning alerts such as weather, time, traffic, stocks etc. on the outside display, while holding your beverage inside!

2) Ceramix For Mix by Florian Dussopt, Jérémie Reneau & Julie Girard


How can I forget the stiff-upper-lip variety? After all Tea-drinking is ceremonial in many places and to add a dash of high-end glam to the event, you will need something as complex yet stunning as the Ceramix For Mix!

1) iPod Ghetto Accessory by Dmitry Zagga


Four single-serving paper cups, two tooth picks (for holding cups together) + iPod with classic earbuds. The increase in volume, of course, is ridiculous, but hey, you get stylish iPod accessory out of nothing!
I rest my case!