Nixie tubes light up this outrageously steampunk coffee table!

Heavily inspired by the 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery, this steampunk’ish coffee table by Minnesota-based Machine Age Lamps is dope! The picture-perfect combination of retro-futurism with the contemporary Barnwood lends this furniture piece a sublime charm, without a doubt!

Perhaps, one that would fit a nerd’s den embellished with equally outrageous interior décor. But, hey, don’t even think of sporting your next-gen gaming console on top, it’ll be a chalk and cheese combination! Alright, coming onto the make – the coffee table has a rare, 100 years old Barnwood “salvaged from a Minessota USA barn” acting as the base section. On top, there is the half-inch thick glass top which gives an eye-popping look inside the steam pressure gauges and valves that urge you to own it right away. For the idealistic ambiance in the evenings or even while throwing a Halloween-themed party, you just have to turn up the nixie tubes underneath. There are six of them with dimmer switches hidden under the wood lip.

The network of pipes acts as the base of the coffee table, providing more than able support for the structure above it. In totality, there has been a lot of thought put into the crafting and it does show in the end product. So, how about getting this home for this holiday season?

Designer: Machine Age Lamps

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