This moon-inspired mirror creates your home’s perfect mirror selfie interior!

The moon is an ever-present factor in our life and has inspired poetry’s while being the focal point of romantic movies to werewolf culture. Whether you are a sci-fi fan, pop-culture fan, nature enthusiast or just a romantic at heart, we all want a part of the moon. Granila Santisteban’s Luna Mirror does that by bringing you the moon’s aesthetics with the functionality of a mirror.

The Luna Mirror will pull you towards it like the moon pulls the ocean! This mirror is the most minimal way to bring a little bit of celestial aesthetic to your interiors. “The Crescent moon design is made of sand and pure pigments, on a mirror measuring 60 cm in diameter. Each piece is unique and different from the others because it is made in the same phase in which the moon is passing. It is exposed to the night, the serene and the next day to the sun to seal the agreement” says Granila. The entire process follows the moon and the handcrafted design makes each crater, every inch of that surface as unique as your home is.

Given our current scenario and the threat of COVID hanging on us, I would honestly love to have this serene lunar landscape in my home, upping my Instagram quotient. And if you ever don’t have a clear enough sky to gaze at the moon, you know another place to find it!

Designer: Granila Santisteban

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