Watch how this whimsical monster uses storytelling to depict the time!

The Number Cruncher watch has hands, but they aren’t for telling time! The watch face features an adorable cartoon monster that uses its hands to munch on numbers in a way that tells the time while also telling a story of sorts.

This blue monster (stomping its way through Central London) comes with a window at its stomach, and within its left hand. The hour of the day appears as the number in the monster’s hand, and as it munches on it, the minutes appear within the monster’s digestive system. It’s a good thing there’s no seconds dial on this watch because I honestly don’t know where one could possibly put it!

The Number Cruncher comes with a stainless steel body, a metal-mesh watch strap, and is waterproof up to 5ATM.

Designer: Mr Jones Watches

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