Ultimate must-have products for plant lovers to add some green + peace to your living space!

Plants can truly transform a living space with their gentle presence! They add a touch of green and nature and create a serene and zen atmosphere. I, for one, am a major plant lover, and absolutely love adding plants to my home space. I love growing and tending to them. It’s almost therapeutic for me. I’m sure there are quite a few other plant lovers out there like me, and this collection of product designs is especially for them! From a flexible vase that expands as your plants grow to an indoor planter that also functions as a lamp, each of these products will bring a little green to your home, or help you take better care of your precious plants. These are a must-have for all plant lovers!

Requiring no water for maintenance, Vertex Zero is a terrarium that encases real, biologically inactive moss, cultivated in TerraLiving’s own greenhouse and preserved in labs, inside museum-grade geometric glass containers. Live mosses are grown and cultivated in TerraLiving’s greenhouse dubbed the “Moss Lab,” before reaching the peak of their health and preserved for encasement. Using proprietary advanced preservation technology, each patch of live moss is stripped of any water content in low-pressure zones and subzero temperatures to freeze their proteins and biological components, rendering them inactive, but frozen in time.

Designed by Ben Hansen, this simple yet innovative dog house uses excess water from watering plants and filters it into the dog’s water bowl! Rattan with green accents gives it a light, airy feel. The minimal dog house will brighten any corner of your home – hard not to when it holds a cute plant and pet! It’s an adorable piece of furniture that not only serves as a home for your pet but also doubles up as an elegant plant holder, harmoniously merging with the interiors of your home. Ben’s approach to this is almost reversal to the way we treat our pets and plants. While we love the use of rattan and wish to promote this sustainable material, there is also a certain lightness to the material which needs to be balanced by a strong and heavy metal frame to keep your energetic puppy from toppling this over!

Repotting plants as they grow bigger is a headache. You need to be incredibly gentle to avoid damaging the root system, and once you introduce a plant into a new, bigger pot, you need to hope and pray that the plant adapts to that shift. Repotting plants is a painstaking (and frankly messy task), although Lidia Gómez has a pretty clever solution. The FlexVase by Gómez is an expandable vase made from hard silicone. It uses an accordion-shaped profile to expand vertically in size, allowing you to simply stretch the planter as the plant inside it grows. As the planter expands in size, it creates more space for the roots to grow, as well as breaks the soil up, aerating it so the roots get more oxygen.

I love plants, but to be quite frank, I suffer from the watering-memory-loss syndrome. That’s medical speak for “I can never remember when I watered them last”, and that means I either end up over or under-watering them. Needless to say, they die most of the time. The Forget Me Not planter, however, was built to easily overcome that problem. With a two-part design featuring a planter-pot and base tray, the Forget Me Not planter lets you mark a date on it, reminding you of when you watered it last. The planter’s base comes with numbers engraved on it, while the underlying tray features a single notch, letting you see the date through it quite like a date window on a watch. When you water a plant, set the date on its base and it acts as a physical reminder to tell you when it was watered last.

Ukrainian product designer Julia Kononenko created the ‘Eco Pot’, an intriguing little product that organizes your desk and adds a pop of green to it! The multipurpose desk accessory is basically a flower pot with an integrated pen holder. Divided into two sections, the smaller square-shaped section has been reserved to store your pens and pencils. Whereas the elevated larger section functions as a planter. Add a succulent or two and watch your desk bloom! Crafted from elmwood, Eco Pot is also lined with glass vessels, to ensure that neither the water nor soil damage the wood structure. The glass cover also helps to keep your desk dust-free even if the plants haven’t been planted.

This is the GreenVita indoor planter which brings tenfold the greenery into your home – you can grow indoor plants or veggies in this exquisitely designed accessory that also functions as a lamp to give your space the right amount of ambiance. Place it by your desk or in the open lounge space alongside your aquarium, and you’ll feel that sense of calm when you finally retreat to comforting rest. The grow-light of GreenVita makes sure the plants and veggies get the needed light spectrum to bloom in all seasons. It’s been designed to easily water the plants by pulling out the tray at two-level which can be loaded with different plants on one level and the veggies on another.

Imagine dandelions dancing in the breeze in a lush meadow, their spores fluttering and flying about. This was the inspiration for Beom sic Jeon and Kim Hyunsoec’s Blow humidifier. You operate the humidifier as you would water and nurture your plants. Blow comprises a water bowl, forming the lower portion of the humidifier. It is transparent, allowing you to view the internal components of Blow. Whereas the upper portion is reminiscent of a long dandelion with its seed head at the top, full of spores. You pour water into the little bucket as if you were watering your potted plants. The lower portion of the humidifier functions like the roots of a plant, absorbing the water in the bowl. The water is then released as steam, from the opening or the seed head on the top.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a plant’s health – soil, water, sunlight, pests, etc. But there isn’t any easy way of knowing what your plant needs… the BioCollar is changing that. Designed by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the BioCaller is a wearable that builds empathy between the wearer and the connected plant. When paired with a piece of hardware that goes into the planter, the collar helps you understand the plant’s needs through real-time feedback. It becomes moderately tighter when the plant needs water, gets warm when the plant has too much sunlight and vibrates when the plant has an infestation. In doing so, the wearable aims at letting the plant easily communicate its needs to you, and enables you to be a better plant parent.

Designed to give you the best of two incredibly capable worlds, the Aria is a nifty hybrid purifier that uses NASA-inspired purification technology along with the world’s oldest and most effective purification system – nature. Styled as a vertical planter, the Aria functions almost like a chimney, pulling air from the bottom and passing it through multiple filters, a UV chamber, and finally through the soil of a plant that uses phytoremediation to destroy any toxins and contaminants. The result? Purified air, obviously, but also an appliance that’s advanced enough to keep you healthy yet aesthetic enough to fit beautifully into your home’s decor.

We know abundant sunlight is essential to assist the healthy growth of indoor plants. However, the key to successful gardening is to know which type of plant requires how much light to thrive, and what part of the house has that kind of sunlight. Or maybe you can introduce the LUMISO to your home, which comes with grow lights that offer an exclusive light spectrum giving your plants the right amount of solar and ultraviolet rays they need to thrive. Thankfully also, the LUMISO is not a mundane planter. It can sit beautifully on the desk and function as a table lamp as well as emitting cool and warm light that replicates the natural solar spectrum. The flower pot and lamp has a button in the base which is used to turn on the grow-light and it comes with replaceable blubs so they can be easily replaced at the end of life.

Created by designer Ekaterina Shchetina, Fluidity serves a double function. A comely white dish rack by day, the multipurpose dish rack has an alter ego; it serves as a planter, or to be precise there are two built-in planters on its sides. Fluidity is designed in such a way that the run-off water from the freshly washed dishes trickles down to the roots of the plants, irrigating and nourishing them. The base, thanks to its fluid form, allows the water to be directed to the plant containers. Perforated at the bottom, the containers are filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber, to control the water environment of the plants and to keep the drainer base free from water residue.