Water this dandelion-inspired humidifier as you would water your plants!

Imagine dandelions dancing in the breeze in a lush meadow, their spores fluttering and flying about. This was the inspiration for Beom sic Jeon and Kim Hyunsoec’s Blow humidifier. You operate the humidifier as you would water and nurture your plants.

Blow comprises of a water bowl, forming the lower portion of the humidifier. It is transparent, allowing you to view the internal components of Blow. Whereas the upper portion is reminiscent of a long dandelion with its seed head at the top, full of spores. You pour water into the little bucket as if you were watering your potted plants. The lower portion of the humidifier functions like the roots of a plant, absorbing the water in the bowl. The water is then released as steam, from the opening or the seed head on the top.

Designed after the organic form of plants, Blow can add a soft, nurturing touch to any space it is added into, functioning not only as a home appliance but as a decorative piece as well. Its delicate and minimal aesthetics can add a touch of subtle beauty to brimming home spaces and hectic workplaces alike.

Designers: Kim Hyunsoec of hs2 studio and Beom sic Jeon