This glass terrarium encases biologically inactive moss to create an indoor garden without the upkeep!

While decorating desks and coffee tables with plants and potted greenery does help to liven up our rooms and offices, taking care of them can sometimes get messy. Water spills and loose soil have a habit of muddying the spaces where potted plants reside, creating more trouble than the plants might be worth. Creating a means for people to adorn shelves and counters with greenery, without the stress that comes with the upkeep of potted plants, TerraLiving designed Vertex Zero, a geometric preserved moss terrarium that requires no sunlight, water, or upkeep for that matter.

Requiring no water for maintenance, Vertex Zero is a terrarium that encases real, biologically inactive moss, cultivated in TerraLiving’s own greenhouse and preserved in labs, inside museum-grade geometric glass containers. Live mosses are grown and cultivated in TerraLiving’s greenhouse dubbed the “Moss Lab,” before reaching the peak of their health and preserved for encasement. Using proprietary advanced preservation technology, each patch of live moss is stripped of any water content in low-pressure zones and subzero temperatures to freeze their proteins and biological components, rendering them inactive, but frozen in time.

Before reaching the gilded gates of their terrariums, each moss cell is first pumped with chlorophyll dye, plant fluid, nutrients, food, and cosmetic grade preservatives to help make the contained moss look more alive. As varying mosses populate the inside corners of their terrariums, the makers at TerraLiving curate each glass container to appear almost as a miniature moss-ridden forest. Requiring no light or water for nourishment, the creators behind Vertex Zero advise against storing the terrarium in direct sunlight and warn users to not water their terrariums as this could lead to mold or condensation within the terrarium.

Designer: TerraLiving

Each moss configuration is hand placed for a one-of-a-kind terrarium.

The glass containers used for each terrarium are museum-grade for the ultimate preservation and viewing experience.

Lightweight, yet sturdy by design, the terrariums were built for beauty and convenience.

When placed together, the hand-placed moss-ridden interior resembles a miniature forest.

Users can feel and smell the inside of Vertex Zero, but Terra Living advises against eating or consuming the moss.

Grown and harvested inside TerraLiving’s Moss Lab, the collected moss is hand-picked when they reach the peak of their health.