This 6-in-1 modular tent made from recycled plastic transforms into a hammock, or awning whenever you want

Camping is all about location and weather, and those two factors can heavily influence how you camp. Sometimes it’s sunny out, sometimes it suddenly begins pouring. Your campsite could be grassy, muddy, gravel-filled, or even have a rivulet or stream flowing underneath. A myriad of factors determine your camping experience, and it only makes sense that your camping equipment/shelter adjusts itself based on those factors. Meet the Beluga tent, a shapeshifting, modular tent that can be laid out in not 2 or 3, but rather 6 different formats. You could use the Beluga (or parts of it) as a tent, a tent with an awning, a tarp, a roof-like shelter, a cocoon-hammock, or two separate open hammocks. Depending on the weather, the location, the number of people you’re camping with, and whether you’ve got a trailer/RV with you, the Beluga adjusts, modifies to give you the experience you need.

Designed to be portable, adjustable, and modular too, the Beluga easily transforms based on your needs. The tent accommodates two people, although its modular nature allows you to attach multiple tents to each other to create a large camping community. The tent comes with an inner enclosure, held in place using aluminum rods, and covered with an outer cover that helps properly shield you from elements like the rain or even the sun. To help extend the tent’s footprint, the Beluga even comes with an awning that attaches to the entrance, giving you a nice shaded ‘patio’ of sorts right outside your tent. The magic, however, lies in the fact that all these components, the enclosure, clad, and awning, can be used in a variety of ways. The awning and outer clad easily double up as two individual hammocks when you want, or a hammock with its own cover when you’re looking for some shade. You could even set them up as a roofed shelter away from your tent, or even use them as awnings outside your RV or caravan. No matter your camping setup, the Beluga adjusts to give you just the shelter you need… and even if you’re faced with inclement weather, or a damp/muddy campsite, the tent itself comes with an elevated entrance, so water or mud never seeps into your enclosure.

The Beluga tent is named after the beluga, a large white whale found in parts of the Arctic, owing to the tent’s white color. Some would say it’s sort of impractical to have a tent that’s white in color because of all the mud, dirt, grass, etc., but the Beluga tent wears its color as a badge of honor because it comes made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles… and to prevent the use of environment-harming chemical dyes, the tent just opts to stay white instead. Each Beluga tent is made using an average of 125 plastic bottles, helping cut environmental waste, and the tent even comes with a 2-year warranty, with every part being serviceable/repairable to increase its product life. Designed to be waterproof, the tent does manage to repel dirt and mud with ease, and that all-white canopy actually helps keep the inside of the tent cooler during the day too. In fact, the aluminum poles used in the Beluga are created with a lower carbon footprint too, so your entire camping experience is great for you, as well as for mother nature!

Designer: Qaou Outdoor

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Beluga – 6-in-1 Modular Tent by Qaou

Made from recycled plastic, the Beluga is a multifunctional tent that can be used as a tent, tent plus awning, hammock, covered hammock, tarp, shelter and even more, depending on your needs and your imagination.

An Eco-friendly Tent

No Dyes

Textile dyes release large amounts of toxic waste substances into the environment, accounting for 20% of water pollution worldwide. This is why the Qaou Beluga is white and not dyed.

Even the Aluminum is Eco-Friendly

Anodization is a very important step: it gives materials better resistance to wear, corrosion and heat. To minimize these negative environmental effects while keeping a good level of reliability in the product, the team has chosen suppliers who practice an ecological type of anodization using an alkaline solution instead of dangerous chemical products. This treatment does not generate yellow fumes because alkaline solutions are neutralized quicker than the usual acid solutions.

Technical Details & Features

Highly resistant.

The Tent + Awning Mode

How to Turn Flysheet into Hammock in 10-seconds

Click Here to Buy Now: $234 $371 ($137 off).