This dish rack holds and waters your plants for you!

There’s nothing we love more than everyday lifestyle items with a twist! And if we get to save some water along the way, and grow a few greens… well, Milan based DesignLibero’s ‘Fluidity’ allows us to do just that! Created by designer Ekaterina Shchetina, Fluidity serves a double function. A comely white dish rack by day, the multipurpose dish rack has an alter ego; it serves as a planter, or to be precise there are two built-in planters on its sides. Fluidity is designed in such a way that the run-off water from the freshly washed dishes trickles down to the roots of the plants, irrigating and nourishing them. The base, thanks to its fluid form, allows the water to be directed to the plant containers. Perforated at the bottom, the containers are filled with clay pellets and coconut fiber, to control the water environment of the plants and to keep the drainer base free from water residue.

Taking into account ‘smart’ designs and space-saving, DesignLibero has come up with a mini-masterpiece allowing us to grow fresh herbs, while our dishes water them! With the hectic and frantic lives, we live today and our busy schedules consuming all our time, Fluidity enables us to add some greenery to our little kitchen, helping us to cultivate a small garden with minimum effort!  Minimalistic and compact, Fluidity is a perfect fit for our bustling kitchens!

Designer: Ekaterina Shchetina for DesignLibero