Move over, TikTok Sunset Lamp. This ambient lamp/speaker soothes your soul and wirelessly charges your phone too

Almost like a soothing orb of color gradients, the Zense changes your mood, calming you down or uplifting you… and with its 15W wireless output, it fast-charges your smartphone too.

It’s difficult to box the Zense into a single category because it does so many different things. It’s an ambient light, a smart speaker, a wireless charger, and even an alarm clock. Designed to be the only thing you’ll ever need at your bedside table, the Zense can lull you into sleep, wake you up, recharge your phone, calm you down while you’re meditating, or energize you as you exercise.

Designer: MOMAX Design

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The Zense adopts a circular shape, with 4 legs that let you place it on any surface. A hemispherical cutout on the top lets you carry the Zense around, as well as provides a docking area for your phone, letting it wirelessly charge while you go about your tasks.

Zense has a one-tap snooze feature that gives you an additional 9 minutes of rest.

The Zense starts as a bedside lamp, waking you up to music and an ambient wash of light, and gradually transforms into a smart speaker and mood lamp to help you get through your day.

Features 9 different modes of ambient lighting to suit any occasion.

Its internal battery means you can carry it to your living room for a quick yoga or workout session, before heading out and going about your day.

Sync the lights with your favorite songs.

Post sunset, the lamp turns into an ambient mood lamp, allowing you to set it to a mellow candlelight-esque vibe, or pump out music and have the lamp’s lights dance around to the beat of your songs. As you power down at the end of the day, the lamp lets you wirelessly charge your phone as well as set an alarm for the next day.

On the inside, the Zense comes equipped with multiple LEDs covered by a translucent diffuser that turns the lights into soft gradients. The base of the Zense even has an LED clock that tells you the time, and right above it is the 15W wireless charging platform for fast-charging your iPhone or even your Android phone. If you’ve got additional gadgets to charge (like your Apple Watch, perhaps), a 5W USB-C output on the side lets you connect another device to the Zense too.

The lamp has its built-in speakers and even supports smart-home integration, so you could tell Alexa or Google to switch to ambient lights or play some mellow tunes. It also comes bundled with an app that lets you get the most out of your Zense, choosing between different presets for your night-light, meditation, yoga, mood-boosting, and even for that weekend house party!

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $249 (44% off). Hurry, only 64/100 left!