This minimal planter + table lamp design is the modern day desk accessory for every millennial home!

Living in a confined apartment but you want to capitalize on your longtime dream of growing edibles and plants. Don’t let the lack of outside space pull you back. You can grow the herbs, veggies and greens, well inside the confines of your home. Of course, there are challenges in nurturing an indoor garden. Your plants will need the right amount of sunlight to grow since light triggers photosynthesis that plants turn into energy to grow. But how do you ensure ideal sunlight for growing plants indoors, especially during the winter months for instance? This is where you’ll have to weigh your options and a device like the LUMISO will fit the bill.

We know abundant sunlight is essential to assist the healthy growth of indoor plants. However, the key to successful gardening is to know which type of plant requires how much light to thrive, and what part of the house has that kind of sunlight. Or maybe you can introduce the LUMISO to your home, which comes with grow-lights that offer an exclusive light spectrum giving your plants the right amount of solar and ultraviolet rays they need to thrive.

Thankfully also, the LUMISO is not a mundane planter. It can sit beautifully on the desk and function as a table lamp as well as emitting cool and warm light that replicates the natural solar spectrum. The flower pot and lamp has a button in the base which is used to turn on the grow-light and it comes with replaceable blubs so they can be easily replaced at the end of life. So, if you are now willing to have a garden for your culinary herbs and little plants with additional light on your work desk, the LUMISO is a befitting device to let you do both.

Designer: Gökçe Nafak