This creative planter lets you know when you watered it last!

In my experience, there are two types of plant-lovers. People who love plants and are capable of taking care of them, and people who love plants but inevitably end up killing them every single time. Me, I’m somewhere on that spectrum, closer to the latter.

I love plants, but to be quite frank, I suffer from watering-memory-loss syndrome. That’s medical-speak for “I can never remember when I watered them last”, and that means I either end up over or under-watering them. Needless to say, they die most of the time. The Forget Me Not planter, however, was built to easily overcome that problem. With a two-part design featuring a planter-pot and base-tray, the Forget Me Not planter lets you mark a date on it, reminding you of when you watered it last. The planter’s base comes with numbers engraved on it, while the underlying tray features a single notch, letting you see the date through it quite like a date-window on a watch. When you water a plant, set the date on its base and it acts as a physical reminder to tell you when it was watered last. Works exceptionally well when you’ve got some plants that need watering daily, and succulents that only need to be watered once a week.

Designer: Patrycja Gorzela