This multilevel indoor planter + lamp is the evolution for a millennial plant lover’s home!

Plants are vital for a fresh inside environment, and the whole aspect of bringing nature indoors makes them worth all the effort. While in yesteryears simple planters were the norm, modern times call for indoor planters that go way beyond their intended purpose. Gökçe Nafak impressed us with the Lumiso desk planter that doubled as a lamp, and now, riding on the accolades of the cool accessory Gökçe has created another design that is well suited for bigger homes.

This is the GreenVita indoor planter which brings tenfold the greenery into your home – you can grow indoor plants or veggies in this exquisitely designed accessory that also functions as a lamp to give your space the right amount of ambiance. Place it by your desk or in the open lounge space alongside your aquarium, and you’ll feel that sense of calm when you finally retreat to comforting rest. The grow-light of GreenVita makes sure the plants and veggies get the needed light spectrum to bloom in all seasons.

It’s been designed to easily water the plants by pulling out the tray at two-level which can be loaded with different plants on one level and the veggies on another. The air perforations on both sides let out the optimum amount of fresh oxygen to keep the indoors free from any airborne bacteria. Rounded wheels on the bottom let you move the indoor planter to any corner of your home without much problem, and that’s great keeping in mind your plants will require to be exposed to natural sunlight every once in a while.

Designer: Gökçe Nafak