Essential car accessories designed to help you escape the trickiest emergency situations safely: Part 2

Our personal cars are honestly very important! We need them to commute from one place to another, and in traveling to and fro different locations, I’m pretty sure we end up spending a substantial amount of our day in them. Hence, maintaining the health and safety of our car is quite crucial. But no matter how much care we take of our beloved cars, there’s always a risk of our car breaking down or encountering some issue or the other. In such scenarios, it’s critical to have a handy collection of tools that can come to our rescue. From EDCs to nifty accessories, these products will support your car in the best way possible. Nifty, portable, and highly functional, these designs will help you escape the trickiest emergency situations safely!

The WYN Bullet is one of those rare examples of EDC that was designed to save lives. Smaller than your finger, the WYN Bullet is a spring-loaded glass-shattering tool that helps you make a quick escape/rescue by instantly breaking a car’s toughened glass. Whether you’re inside your car trying to get out, or outside the car trying to save someone on the inside, the WYN Bullet’s one-push system can instantly shatter toughened glass panels, giving you swift entry into a locked car in emergencies. Toughened glass is exceptionally difficult to break through, by design.

The highlight of the KIMBLADE NANO is its use of CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes) in the wiper blades. The blades themselves are made of silicon, but sport a thin layer of CNT at their tip that allows the wiper to clean the glass with sheer perfection and minimal degradation over time. The silicone and CNT blades last MUCH longer than traditional rubber blades do, and they sport a rectangular edge that’s much more efficient at picking up and sweeping water away from the glass windshield. The rectangular edge is perhaps the most important bit of innovation in the KIMBLADE NANO. Unlike other wipers that use a squeegee-style flat surface, the KIMBLADE NANO’s rectangular edge makes a more precise edge contact with the windshield.

This car charger is a lifesaver. No, not because it’ll power your phone when you’re desperately low on battery and you need to use Google Maps… but actually because this bad boy is your ticket to surviving a car crash. While the Ztylus Stinger serves its purpose as a car charger with two 2.4 ampere USB ports, it also includes a spring-loaded glass breaker and a seat-belt cutter hidden away in its incredible design. The spring-loaded glass breaker is actually concealed within the charging pin itself. Just grab the charger tightly and press it firmly against the glass. The spring triggers the breaking pin and the glass shatters instantly without the need for any force or even repeated striking. The Seat-belt cutter’s blade is placed strategically to ensure you just cut the belt and not yourself. The blade is incredibly sharp and slices through the belt’s fabric like a knife through butter.

With a newly detailed base that features a wide cross-shaped design, increasing its stability, the CrossJack is the same old jack in a slightly new but noticeably safer design, thanks to its stable base. The CrossJack’s design prompts one to wonder why car-jacks don’t already have wide bases. Its redesign is simple but effective. A collapsible set of plates sit at the bottom of the CrossJack that opens up into a wide cross, giving the jack a spaced-apart, four-point base. This wider footprint prevents the car from being accidentally knocked off the jack and landing on the ground, injuring anyone who may be working on it. The CrossJack’s tweaked design sports a base that’s nearly half an inch thick, and made of stainless steel, giving it a rugged sturdiness that makes the jack safer than most. When you’re done, the jack folds up to occupy exactly the same amount of space as any regular jack would.

Designed by a team of engineers and innovators, The Norshire Mini has some very compelling reasons to make it your must-have gear in the car. The cylinder shape earns it the required brownie points, as this is what makes it easily stow-able It hosts a tiny OLED display and capacitive touch, to make it easy to operate. The display showcases the current tire pressure and then the setting with which you want to inflate the tire with. Some of the intuitive features include a built-in microcomputer that measures the tire pressure when hooked to a tire.

This has to be one of the most compact key organizers that let you stack keys the way you want – car keys, bike keys, house keys – anything you carry often with you stays in your pocket in the most practical way possible. Named the Rhinokey EDC key organizer, it comes with loads of other multitools to get you through your general EDC needs. It can help you with screwing, prying, opening bottles, and wrenching when needed. Plus it has a bit holder, file, and ruler for those times when you just wish you had one of these tools. Very mindfully designed, the EDC key holder comes with a mini light to open the door lock in the dark without having to fish for your phone to do the task. You’ll never lose your car key again with the Rhinokey EDC key organizer!

TeslaAir admittedly sounded like a redundant product at first, but begins making sense when you realize how truly contaminated the air inside your car can actually get. Air that enters your car’s cabin via the HVAC is passed through a HEPA filter, that catches any dust and dirt, but given how it works primarily with air that’s coming from other cars’ exhausts, the HEPA filter only does so much. After a while, its ability to filter out pollutants degrades, leaving you to breathe air that may contain carbon monoxide, bacteria, viruses, microfibers, and pollen. TeslaAir is an external purifier that was designed to do the job your car’s HEPA filter stops doing every couple of thousand miles… and it doesn’t need filter replacements as your car does. It just needs to be wiped down with a tissue every 2-3 months.

Crafted from metal, Handy is an open-source tool designed to keep you safe and germ-free. Its simple design allows it to easily slip onto your fingers like brass knuckles, giving you a great degree of control. Hooks on the opposite end come with protruded dots for easily pressing buttons on a keypad or elevator, while the hooks themselves act as useful devices for pulling open doors, twisting handles, or even carrying bags. When all’s said and done, just slide Handy into your pocket, or better still, attach it to your keychain using its dedicated keychain-hole. Handy comes in two sizes, a larger one that’s open-source and 3D printable, and a smaller one that you can pre-order on designer Matteo Zallio’s website.

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini consistently monitors the health and condition of your car! You can plug the device into the OBD II port of your car. It connects to your smartphone, allowing you to keep a check on your car and all its systems from the gadget’s accompanying app. It instantly alerts you if there is an issue with your car, so you can fix it straight away! The device also informs you about any future problems your car may encounter.

Designed to add a creative, custom touch to your license plate, Licensy is like a bumper-sticker, but classier. The frame for your license plate comes with an additional 2 slots, allowing you to mount and display images of your choice to other people on the road. Be it a family photo, an inspirational quote, allegiance to your favorite sports team, or a flag of your country or state. Licensy’s license plates give you the ability to add a personal touch to your automobile. The plate covers are patented by the US government and are completely street-legal. Licensy’s custom-covers come with a special weather-proof, break-proof standardized plate-holder. The holder sits around your license-plate, while also providing the ability to hold two custom art frames on the sides. You can customize these frames with a photo or artwork of your own, which then gets handled by Licensy’s artists. Once approved, the artwork gets printed on a substrate with fade-proof ink and covered with a scratch-resistant clear cover. Both the holder and the art frame are made from eco-friendly materials resulting in zero impact on the environment.

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