Compact Norshire Mini Tire Inflator for cars fixes low air in a jiffy

Yanko Design has offices in USA, Canada and Japan, but not many of you know that we had an office in the satellite city of Pune, India and I used to drive up the 200 km distance between Mumbai and Pune, twice a week, every week, for almost 2 years. As a person who has spent considerable time on the freeway, what I know for sure, is that you can never be over-prepared for the highway ride and a flat-tire is one of the most common setbacks that you can experience.

It never occurred to me, that I can equip myself with a tire inflator for the road. It would have saved me the trouble of calling the towing services, plus it could have given me the peace of mind, to know that I had a solution, right in the palm of my hands. For example, the Norshire Mini Tire Inflator, which is the World’s smallest and most portable tire inflator air compressor. Measuring a mere six inches in the battery-less version and very compact, this device fits into the glove compartment of cars.

Imagine the amount of trouble this thang could have saved me from!

And sometimes you just don’t learn … this morning I was in a hurry to submit my visa application papers, and had an 8:00 am appointment. A look at my car’s left front-wheel tire, and I knew it was deflating slowly. On my way to the embassy, I must have driven past at least ten tire repair shops, but they were all closed due to the early hour. An easy remedy for such experiences is The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator.

What I really like about the device is its size, agreed that most tire inflators are designed to be bulky – to accommodate hollow space which help in cooling down of the device – The Norshire Mini addresses this issue by employing a powerful cooling fan that ventilates 50L of air per minute and aluminum alloy air cylinder with cooling fins.

Designed by a team of engineers and innovators, The Norshire Mini has some very compelling reasons to make it your must-have gear in the car. The cylinder shape earns it the required brownie-points, as this is what makes it easily stow-able. It hosts a tiny OLED display and capacitive touch, to make it easy to operate. The display showcases the current tire pressure and then the setting to which you want to inflate the tire with.

Some of the intuitive features include: built-in microcomputer that measures the tire pressure when hooked to a tire. Automatic stop function, when you hit the sweet spot (preset tire pressure). It monitors internal temperature and kicks in the cooling fan based on the heat generated. It also hosts alerts that warn you against high or low pressures, overheating etc. Thankfully you will not have to charge the device repeatedly as the stand-by power consumption is less than 1mA. What this means is that you can keep it in the standby mode for a year before you recharge it.

Very easy to use, The Norshire Mini is available in Battery-less, Battery and Power version. For about $50, you can have unlimited peace of mind, when you are on the road. Moreover, it’s all in your control. Smart, easy to use, powerful and quiet, that is The Norshire Mini for you!

Designer: Yuhong He

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Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

World’s smallest and most portable tire inflator and air compressor.

The Norshire team are a bunch of engineers, makers, innovators who strive to make a difference by designing car accessories with a minimalist philosophy. This time around, they present to you Norshire Mini, the world’s smallest and most portable tire inflator ever.

What is Different in The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

When you think of tire inflator, you probably think of bulky devices that are huge. They simply don’t fit in our modern era predominated by aesthetics that Apple products and Tesla cars embodies. They have a common flaw: a lot of wasted space.

The Norshire Mini is so compact that it measures only 156mm/6in (batteryless version), 208mm/8.2in (battery version) in length and 40mm/1.6in in diameter.

Designers of those tire inflators wouldn’t agree there’s any space wasted in their products because those hallows are critical for their inflators to cool down. How does Norshire Mini get rid of the heat from a fast spinning motor and the compressed air? A powerful cooling fun that ventilates 50L of air per minute and aluminum alloy air cylinder with cooling fins.

How to Stow The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

Now you can just throw your tire inflator, which is Norshire Mini of course, in the glove box, car door compartment or anywhere in the car and hit the road, or throw it in your backpack and bike away with peace of mind.

Norshire Mini – Compact & Portable

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is Sleek

Unlike any tire inflator you’ve seen before, Norshire Mini is a sleek and clear shaped cylinder. It is the first tire inflator that got rid of all physical buttons and features a 0.91in, 128*32 resolution OLED display with capacitive touch.

Even when you don’t need to inflate your tires, you can connect Norshire Mini to them at any time to gauge the tire pressure. The screen shows your current pressure immediately when connected.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is Smart

The built-in microcomputer manages the whole system meticulously.

– It instantly measures the tire pressure when connected to a tire.
– It automatically stops when it hits the preset tire pressure.
– It monitors internal temperature real time and regulates the cooling fan accordingly.
– High/low voltage alerts, over/under pressure alerts, overheating alert, built-in buzzer and flashing display with words.

The microcomputer does a great job in power management too. The stand-by power consumption is less than 1mA, so the device could sit idle for a whole year after a full charge without being over discharged.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is Easy to Use

Minimalism isn’t just a design language shown in the exterior design but a philosophy that sips into very corner of our professional life and very detail of our products. Norshire Mini has only 4 touch buttons, one Power key, one Start/Pause key and a pair of +/- keys to set pressure values. It’s so simple that you won’t even need a manual to operate it.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is Powerful

The team has utilized a top notch high intensity ferromagnet 380 motor that is small in size but fast in operation, 30,000 rpm, and big in power output, 56w to be specific. The whole system produces 18kg of torque, enabling Norshire Mini to produce 12bar/1.2Mpa/174psi of air pressure and pump 10-17 Liters of air per minute.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is Quiet

All the high manganese steel gears are precisely regulated to realize dynamic equilibrium, and the whole device is very tightly sealed, making it significantly quieter than a regular tire inflator.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is Safe – Watch Demo Below

Norshire utilizes high quality lithium iron phosphate battery, which works well under temperature from -20℃ and 75℃/-4℉ and 167℉, is significantly less prone to spontaneous ignition and explosion than other types of battery, has a life of use up to 7 years, and is environment friendly because it contains no heavy metals, rare metals or toxins.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator – Peace of Mind

High reliability, low maintenance, durable, and guaranteed for life

The product is so simple that there’s barely anything that could go wrong. Don’t be fooled by its pretty looks, it’s tough. Toss it anywhere for however long time, you can still pull it out to inflate. A full charge allows it to sit idle for a whole year. But in the rare case something does go wrong, we got your back.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator’s Evolution

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator – Three Versions

Battery-less, Battery and Power version

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator’s Charging and Powering

Norshire Mini can be powered and recharged, in the case of the battery version, via a cigarette lighter that comes with or a 5V/2A DC adapter like those we use to charge our cellphones. Of course 5V is not enough to power our device, the pack includes a special charging cable, that boasts the voltage to 12V.

The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator – Under The Hood

Using The Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

Click Here to Buy Now: $50 $72 (30% off).