This tiny EDC tool helps you rapidly escape during in-car emergencies

EDC usually helps make life more convenient. The WYN Bullet is one of those rare examples of EDC that was designed to save lives. Smaller than your finger, the WYN Bullet is a spring-loaded glass-shattering tool that helps you make a quick escape/rescue by instantly breaking a car’s toughened glass. Whether you’re inside your car trying to get out, or outside the car trying to save someone on the inside, the WYN Bullet’s one-push system can instantly shatter toughened glass panels, giving you swift entry into a locked car in emergencies.

Toughened glass is exceptionally difficult to break through, by design. It takes repetitive strikes with incredible force to just make a hole large enough for your hand to pass through – even though Hollywood would have you believe that Dwayne Johnson can literally shatter glass with the flick of his finger. The trick to breaking toughened glass is to strike it with something incredibly hard and sharp that focuses the pressure on an infinitesimally small area, causing shockwaves to break the entire glass panel in a single strike.

The WYN Bullet uses a combination of material and force to its advantage. Its patent-pending spring-loaded mechanism activates with a single push, making the tungsten-carbide tip hit the glass with a strong impact that instantly shatters the glass in less than a second. Shaped like a bullet, the WYN Bullet requires minimal amounts of pressure to break through the glass, making it a crucial life-saving tool, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Each WYN Bullet is small enough to slip right into your pant pocket, and comes with a pocket-clip as well as a ring that lets you secure it to your keychain, making it a great piece of EDC. Conversely, the WYN Bullet could even be easily stored in your glove-compartment, allowing you to easily access it just when you need it… although for obvious reasons I sincerely wish you don’t ever end up in a situation where you’d need an emergency glass-shattering instrument. Regardless of which, it’s one of those things that you definitely must have anyway – sort of like life insurance!

Designer: Hieu Nguyen of WYN LABS

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WYN Bullet – A Must-have Survival Tool for All Drivers

WYN Bullet™ is the world’s most powerful spring-loaded emergency window breaker. Its patent-pending direct-impact technology delivers a powerful strike directly to a tungsten carbide tip, allowing the vehicle occupant to easily break car windows for emergency escape.

In case of an emergency, simply press the bullet tip against the car side window. The spring-loaded internal striker will release and hammer the ultra-hard carbide tip with a powerful force and shatter tempered glass.

Essential Life-saving Tool

When every second matters, you can count on WYN Bullet to save your life, and the lives of other people. In 2017 there were 20,800 accidents related to fire or water submersion, resulting in 1,874 deaths in the US. In an accident, a car may lose all electrical power or its doors are jammed. When a car falls into the water, you only have a few seconds to escape to safety.

Extensive study by AAA (American Automotive Association) published in 2019 confirmed that emergency vehicle escape tools are a lifesaver.

Developed For First Responders

Developed for first responders (firefighters, law enforcement and EMT) WYN Bullet is compact, powerful and efficient. When your job is to save lives, you must use the best tools.

Direct-impact Technology

Their Patent-Pending Technology positions the internal striker inside the bullet head, directly behind the tungsten tip. This innovative design is very compact and efficient, allowing you to break tempered glass windows with ease.

Precision Engineering

Designed to mimic the look of a real bullet, WYN Bullet looks beautiful and is powerful.


– Length: 77 mm | 3.0 in
– Diameter: 13.0 mm | 0.5 in
– Weight: 45 gr | 1.6 oz
– Material: Stainless Steel & Tungsten Carbide Tip
– Finish: SS | Black Oxide
– Accessory: Pocket Clip & Keyring Loop

In stainless steel or black oxide finish.

Always Ready

WYN Bullet is compact for easy storage and access. It comes with a removable pocket clip and key-ring loop so you can always carry it with you. It is an essential addition to your everyday carry (EDC).

Fidget / Focus Tool

WYN Bullet is a highly addictive and effective focus tool. Pressing and releasing the bullet head with your finger has a tantalizing effect. The bullet tip creates a high pressure point but is not sharp to cut your skin. The more you press, the higher the pressure. If you press it all the way and release the internal striker, it will give you anything from a jolt to a sharp shock, depending on where you place the tip. The goal is to get as close to the edge without being struck.

Click Here to Buy Now: $33 $50 (34% off). Hurry, only 4/840 left!