This portable air-purifier gives the air inside your car a second round of filtration

When was the last time you replaced the cabin air filters on your car? Did even know you had to replace them every 15,000 miles? TeslaAir admittedly sounded like a redundant product at first, but begins making sense when you realize how truly contaminated the air inside your car can actually get. Air that enters your car’s cabin via the HVAC is passed through a HEPA filter, that catches any dust and dirt, but given how it works primarily with air that’s coming from other cars’ exhausts, the HEPA filter only does so much. After a while, its ability to filter out pollutants degrades, leaving you to breathe air that may contain carbon monoxide, bacteria, viruses, microfibers, and pollen. TeslaAir is an external purifier that was designed to do the job your car’s HEPA filter stops doing every couple of thousand miles… and it doesn’t need filter replacements, like your car does. It just needs to be wiped down with a tissue every 2-3 months.

In an ideal world, cars would come with a TPA-filter like the TeslaAir integrated into it. However, given that cabin-air-quality is perhaps the last thing on a car manufacturer’s mind, designer Yan Zhang and his design team decided to build an external purifier that could sit on your car’s dashboard, killing microorganisms, and filtering out microparticles so that the air you breathe in your car is truly pure, sterile, and good for you.

The technology TeslaAir employs to purify and filter your car’s air is known as TPA, and is significantly more powerful than a regular HEPA filter. It uses an ionic field to kill bacteria and viruses (rather than just trap them), and a set of collecting plates that catch dust, dirt, even pollen, filtering particles as small as 14 nanometers. Designed to be much more quiet than most air-filters, TeslaAir is virtually silent at less than 40 decibels. A smart motion sensor on the side of the device lets you power the purifier, and when on, it filters as much as 14,800 liters of air per hour! TeslaAir’s biggest pro, however, is the fact that it doesn’t need filter replacements, like your car does. Just a simple wipe-down of the cleaning plates every 2 months, and the TeslaAir is good to go. Designed for people who drive through heavily polluted areas, drivers with allergies, or people who usually go on long commutes, TeslaAir helps purify that dusty, smoky air that’s around your car, which inadvertently ends up inside your car too.

Designer: Yan Zhang & Team

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TeslaAir: Filters Pollen & Allergens from Your Car

The Airdog TeslaAir is a car air purifier that is designed to remove pollen, pet dander, allergens, TVOCs, bacteria and viruses. The patented TPA technology not only captures but also annihilates particles via plasma field. The smart ON/OFF feature offers you a clean and worry-free journey so that you can breathe cleaner air beyond what cabin/HEPA filters can do.

Why TeslaAir

The TeslaAir solves all the problems with current HEPA filters using advanced TPA filtration which is only available in Airdog products.

Most car air purifiers are either HEPA or ionizers. Two Pole Active (TPA) technology is an active filtration technology, which is different from HEPA passive filtration technology.

– TPA was based on Ionic Wind, and optimized for air filtration. TeslaAir applies TPA in a smaller form factor.
– The electrical filtration enables its high collection efficiency and bacteria-killing capabilities.

Air ionizers do not clean the air, they only settle dust and particles all over your cabin, seats, and clothes.

The Airdog TeslaAir car air purifier not only cleans & filters down to 0.01 microns, our active air filtration technology (TPA) effectively sterilizes & kills bacteria/viruses while filtering.

HEPA air purifiers only collect dust and pollutants. But collecting does not mean cleaning. The accumulated pollutants will grow on HEPA causing unpleasant odor, and dangerous sanitary issues.

As a comparison, Airdog’s cleaning capacity only drops only 0.2% after 440 cigarettes!

HEPA air purifiers lose 50% efficiency after trapping 45 cigarettes worth of smoke pollutants.

The Airdog TeslaAir non-consumable collecting plates are washable by hand, saving you on the cost of buying unnecessary filters. Enjoy an average savings of ~$500 every 12 months (~$42/month).

TeslaAir in Action: Filters up to 14,800 liters Per Hour!

TeslaAir Requires Only 10 Minutes

With an impressive CADR of 14.8 m³/hr (equivalent to 14800 liters per hour), the TeslaAir can fully filter and clean dust, pollen, dander, smoke, odors, mites, bacteria and viruses in a large SUV within a matter of minutes.

Just Wipe Every Two Months

The TeslaAir is the very first car air purifier that is washable. For longterm & daily usage, just wipe once every 2 months, set and forget. It takes 1 minute to clean the collecting plates. Just wipe and go.

Smart Motion Activated Features

TeslaAir smart technology turns the device on when you start driving. No need to manually turn it on under “auto” mode.

Filter-less Efficient Design

Easy to take out and easy to clean. Save money and the environment.

Smart Cleaning and Notification System

The TeslaAir built-in sensor allows the device to sense how dirty the collecting plates are. The device will give dash notifications when it is time to clean.

Control Airspeed and Noise

The TeslaAir built-in controls for airspeed and noise. When you would like to change air flow speed, change it to manual mode and then just click once, twice, or three times to control the speed and settings.

Portable Design

Besides using the Airdog TeslaAir in vehicles, you may also use the TeslaAir car air purifier in small spaces such as your cubicle, bedroom, closet, co-working area.

Placement Options in the Car

On the Dash, in the Middle or Back Cabin Area

How It Works

– Emitter wires generate high energy plasma: Killing bacteria and destroying formaldehyde and TVOC.
– The charged particles are accelerated under a high voltage field and move toward the collecting plates.
– The collecting plates catch the PM 2.5, dust, dead bacteria, and toxic particles.

This process repeats and cleans the air inside your vehicle.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $199 (35% off).