iPhone 5S – more @ less

I recently read about how Tim Cook is feeling the heat about innovation from his Directors, so maybe this concept iPhone 5S will help. It proposes changing the home button to a camera, which can also act as a fingerprint scanner with a software support. What you can do is then assign your most used app a finger and just swipe it over the front camera (even when the phone is locked) and activate that app.

For example, get to your emails by simply swiping your index finger over the front camera. The back camera can be used for page scrolling – read your tweets with just one hand! What I really find interesting is the elimination of the 3.5 earphone jack and using the lightning connector adapter spot. The concept also shortens the height of iPhone 5S from 123.83 mm to 108 mm.

Some really forward thinking ideas that maybe Ive and his team can use!

Designer: Zeki Ozek