Essential car accessories designed to help you escape the trickiest emergency situations safely!

We spend the majority of our time in our personal cars! We’re commuting from one location to another, from our home to office, office to home, home to our favorite restaurant and so much more. There’s always a risk of our car breaking down or encountering some issue or the other. In such scenarios, it’s critical to have a handy collection of tools that can come to our rescue. From EDCs to nifty accessories, these products will support your car in the best way possible. Nifty, portable, and highly functional, these designs deserve a spot in your car for sure!

The WYN Bullet is one of those rare examples of EDC that was designed to save lives. Smaller than your finger, the WYN Bullet is a spring-loaded glass-shattering tool that helps you make a quick escape/rescue by instantly breaking a car’s toughened glass. Whether you’re inside your car trying to get out, or outside the car trying to save someone on the inside, the WYN Bullet’s one-push system can instantly shatter toughened glass panels, giving you swift entry into a locked car in emergencies. Toughened glass is exceptionally difficult to break through, by design.

With a newly detailed base that features a wide cross-shaped design, increasing its stability, the CrossJack is the same old jack in a slightly new but noticeably safer design, thanks to its stable base. The CrossJack’s design prompts one to wonder why car-jacks don’t already have wide bases. Its redesign is simple but effective. A collapsible set of plates sit at the bottom of the CrossJack that opens up into a wide cross, giving the jack a spaced-apart, four-point base. This wider footprint prevents the car from being accidentally knocked off the jack and landing on the ground, injuring anyone who may be working on it. The CrossJack’s tweaked design sports a base that’s nearly half an inch thick, and made of stainless steel, giving it a rugged sturdiness that makes the jack safer than most. When you’re done, the jack folds up to occupy exactly the same amount of space as any regular jack would.

The SOUL Power comes with a rugged, portable design that weighs a mere 3.3 pounds, making it perfect for outdoor use. Armed with multiple outlets and SOUL’s unique Hypercharge technology, the SOUL Power can literally become your own renegade power-grid outdoors, allowing you to run everything from your phone to your laptop, drone, Nintendo Switch, and even a mini-fridge. The SOUL Power station is capable of charging your e-bike’s or electric skateboard battery too, and that 12V output can even jump-start your car. The SOUL Power can recharge to 100% in just 2.5 hrs with the 90W adapter, but if you are out and about can also recharge it via USB-C, car lighter adapter, or if you’re far from any of those.

Designed by a team of engineers and innovators, The Norshire Mini has some very compelling reasons to make it your must-have gear in the car. The cylinder shape earns it the required brownie points, as this is what makes it easily stow-able It hosts a tiny OLED display and capacitive touch, to make it easy to operate. The display showcases the current tire pressure and then the setting to which you want to inflate the tire with. Some of the intuitive features include a built-in microcomputer that measures the tire pressure when hooked to a tire.

The return of MagSafe has unleashed the creatives and accessory companies are racing to make the most of this feature. At the front of the race is Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12 that lets you safely mount your iPhone 12 and keep it in your view – be it landscape or portrait mode. Best of all, the powerful magnet offers a seamless, one-handed use that keeps you driving stress-free!

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini consistently monitors the health and condition of your car! You can plug the device into the OBD II port of your car. It connects to your smartphone, allowing you to keep a check on your car and all its systems from the gadget’s accompanying app. It instantly alerts you if there is any issue with your car, so you can fix it straight away! The device also informs you about any future problems your car may encounter.

The Inflate-R is a wireless air pump that can inflate anything within minutes! It can provide up to 150 PSI of air, allowing you to fill up a variety of objects. It can inflate a car tire in under eight minutes, and can fit conveniently in your backpack or glove box! Equipped with a built-in flashlight, it can light up any dark space. So you can inflate your car tire even if you’re stranded in some dark location!

The Luno Vehicle Air Mattress 2.0 allows two people to sleep peacefully in a car! It lets you camp within your car during all your outdoor adventures. You can customize the mattress according to the make and size of your car! Created using a durable 300-denier Oxford fabric, the mattress can withstand pet claws, pine needles, and other harsh objects. It’s perfect for your glamping plans.

The Yakima EXO System gear transport is a modular system that includes two levels – SwingBase and TopShelf. It also offers five extra mounts, so you can easily store all your luggage. This accessory range lets you store almost anything during road trips and outdoor adventures. It’s especially useful for those trips with your family and other large groups. You don’t have to worry about extra supplies and baggage with the Yakima EXO System.

The SUNGZU SKA2500 is a safe and portable power station that can power 10 devices at one time! Equipped with wheels on the bottom and a sturdy aluminum alloy shell, the power station is completely portable. The battery boasts 6000+ life cycles! You can use it to charge your Tesla and other electric cars. Not to mention it can also charge your power tools, refrigerator, grills, and much more!