Let’s Groove In The Womb Mommy

The best baby books, my 2 pregnancies and family/friends’ stories all indicate that babies are responsive to the parent’s voices and are soothed by music when in the womb. Although scientific evidence to support this theory is quiet scant, it did inspire Geof Ramsay to capitalize on the Mozart Effect; a theory that proposes a baby will be more intelligent if exposed to classical music during the course of pregnancy. His B(l)aby device is a massaging wrap that goes around the pregnant tummy and includes a player as well.

Parents can record their own voices or playback soothing lullabies to the unborn child via this wrap. The front of the device is made from luminescent fabric and hosts touch sensitive controls. The system can even be synced with an iPhone Application for easy recording. Specs include a USB adapter, microphone and sewn in massagers for the lower back.

Although this concept sounds promising, I really wonder if a highly pregnant woman would appreciate anything restrictive around her stomach. Maybe it would be comfortable up to the second trimester.

Designer: Geof Ramsay


  • Edvinas says:

    “(|)” reminds me something. Not the best logo i believe 🙂

  • confucius says:

    This should be called lullababy! What you could do is play language learning ‘tapes’ (mp3s). Ha! the bub would come out and go “thank god for that, I was getting claustrophobic in there”…”and now I’v got a sudden urge to moonwalk?!”

  • Amy says:

    You all are going to make fun of me, but is this a real product?? I would totally use it!! I used a product called BabyPlus while pregnant with my first child along with headphones for classical and language tapes. The belts for holding the instruments on were not at all functional or comfortable, you really had to just recline and prop it in place. This product looks much better and a combo of many of the products out there rolled into one (minus babyplus’s ‘sounds’ which are supposedly superior to just music). Also there are maternity belts that help support the belly to take weight off the back, I see the massage element, nice touch. If this is real I’ll try it : )

  • So says:

    Hmm i’m not sure about how it “really” works if it was in the market but wouldn’t it spread some sort of radiowave and at that close range, wouldn’t it cause some health issues?

  • Alex says:

    Did you take the EMC influence of motor on baby in to consideration?

  • Si-esta says:

    Is this still for sale, or was it ever? Because it sounds like a great idea (pun intended)

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