This titanium EDC key organizer +LED will make you to ditch your trusted keychain!

More often than not we tend to put the bunch of keys stacked in a keychain inside our pocket only to discover later that the inside cloth is damaged. Moreover, carrying a bunch of keys around mars the whole organization aspect, leaving you confused when you have to open the main door of your home on a cold winter night in the pitch dark. So how about a cool key organizer that doubles just like any other everyday carry? Plus if it is super stylish and won’t hurt like traditional keychains brimmed with keys.

This has to be one of the most compact key organizers that let you stack keys the way you want – car keys, bike keys, house keys – anything you carry often with you stays in your pocket in the most practical way possible. Named the Rhinokey EDC key organizer, it comes with loads of other multitools to get you through your general EDC needs. It can help you with screwing, prying, opening bottles, and wrenching when needed. Plus it has a bit holder, file, and ruler for those times when you just wish you had one of these tools. Very mindfully designed, the EDC key holder comes with a mini light to open the door lock in the dark without having to fish for your phone to do the task.

The multitool made from grade 5 titanium is compact while being highly functional, especially for people who tend to carry a lot of keys in their pocket the boring old way – yes I’m talking about keychains, and no offenses meant there. Rhinokey key organizer can hold up to 10 keys (small or large) and even comes with a loophole attachment for keys that don’t fit inside it easily due to the make. Truly this is a versatile everyday carry multitool that primarily functions as a key holder in the most stylish way possible.

Designer: Rhinokey