These personalized license plates give your car its very own avatar

Designed to add a creative, custom touch to your license plate, Licensy is like a bumper-sticker, but classier. The frame for your license plate comes with an additional 2 slots, allowing you to mount and display images of your choice to other people on the road. Be it a family photo, an inspirational quote, allegiance to your favorite sports team, or a flag of your country or state.

Licensy’s license plates give you the ability to add a personal touch to your automobile. The plate-covers are patented by the US government and are completely street-legal. Licensy’s custom-covers come with a special weather-proof, break-proof standardized plate-holder. The holder sits around your license-plate, while also providing the ability to hold two custom art-frames on the sides. You can customize these frames with a photo or artwork of your own, which then gets handled by Licensy’s artists. Once approved, the artwork gets printed on a substrate with a fade-proof ink, and covered with a scratch-resistant clear cover. Both the holder and the art-frame are made from eco-friendly materials resulting in zero impact on the environment. The entire Licensy kit ships to you in an easy-to-install package that lets you select which custom-frame you want to install beside your license-plate. You can print multiple frames out and alternate between them, adding your favorite sports team’s logo during gaming season, and switching back to something else when you want.

The real-estate to the left and right of your license plate often goes to waste. With Licensy, you can transform it into a persona for your car, giving you the ability to add a custom-touch to your vehicle without going down the vinyl bumper-sticker route.

Designer: Yan Bashkin

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Licensy – Custom Art License Plate

Express yourself and create a completely custom license plate design with art inserts & biodegradable frame.

How it Works

Simply upload or take a picture of your loved ones.

You can keep the image as original or their in house designers can remove the background and get it ready for printing.

Enjoy your custom license plate art. Product comes with License plate frame, art inserts and installation tool kit.

Licensy frame comes in two colors: Black or White.

Licensy frame is made out 100% biodegradable material & with 100% scratch resistant custom art inserts. They use high quality ultra-chrome, fade resistant Ink, and all of your images are handled by their in-house artists.

Easy to Install

Step 1: Easy installation with popping both art inserts into the license plate frame.

Step 2: Easy installation with sliding the license plate into the frame.

Step 3: Easy installation with using the toolkit that came in the box to install your custom license plate frame

Licensy license plate frame is made out of 100% biodegradable materials, and can withstand any weather conditions.

Licensy Custom Art Plates by Various Artists

Click Here to Buy Now: $30 $90 (67% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.