Nerd out over this retro watch that yells out the time like a 1980’s answering machine!

Nixon’s Dork Too Smart Ass Watch is as its name suggests a dorky watch with an eccentric smart ass personality! Inspired by the 1980’s answering machine, the watch yells out the time, as your answering machine once recited out your messages to you. The 34mm perforated stainless steel case comes with a center button, press it and have the time yelled out to you!

Retro and modernity meet in this geek-chic watch, with a custom digital LCD that displays the time, date and any alarm you may have set. An EL backlight helps light your way whenever you’re fumbling in the dark. Simply plug the Dork Too into a USB to charge it efficiently, whenever its battery runs low.

Available in four different shades of black, gold, rose gold and silver, Nixon’s Dork Too Smart Ass Watch provides a comfortable eye-free time-telling experience. Quirky with an entertaining personality, you’ll never get bored with a watch like this!

Designer: Nixon

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