The Screwdriver That’s Inspired by The Moon-landing

Coming up to 50 years ago, the world witnessed an, at the time, incomprehensible feat of engineering… the Apollo 11 moon landing! It was the moment that inspired a generation to enter into the world of engineering… and it hasn’t stopped being a source of inspiration since. Introducing, the Magnet Driver Space Rocket.

The Magnet Driver is a screwdriver like no other; the miniaturized Saturn V Spaceship is packed full of features that aid in the assembly, restoration and repair process that are found within day-to-day life. Concealed within the 6061 aluminum CR-V body of the screwdriver is an extruder that offers 4 different heights… making those hard-to-reach places just that bit more accessible! Small screws will no longer be an annoyance with the Magnetic Driver Mini’s Neodymium Magnetic Grip, in hand…; attempting to precisely locate screws far smaller than your fingertips is a thing of the past!

This full-precision screwdriver and toolkit are a must have for Space enthusiasts and DIY-ers alike, and it is, dare I say it… out of this world!

Designer: Michael W. Perez

Click Here to Buy Now: $33. Hurry, less than 72 hours left!






Click Here to Buy Now: $33. Hurry, less than 72 hours left!