Even James Bond couldn’t resist this attaché case inspired cardholder!

Zero Halliburton’s sleek aluminum briefcase has reached iconic status, a work accessory that all style-oriented men couldn’t wait to get their hands on! Inspired by their own masterpiece, Zero Halliburton transferred the design philosophy of their Slimline Aluminum Attaché Case to the humble cardholder.

Cardholders are the bearers of our identity and credentials, a must-have in every professional’s entourage of work accessories. A miniaturized version of Zero Halliburton’s trademark briefcase, the Card Holder Attaché Case manages to pack in the same punch as its full-sized version. In fact, it’s the kind of cardholder even James Bond couldn’t resist! Boasting a brushed aluminum exterior, it has been equipped with fully functioning latches, to help secure your prized business cards. Paired with a veneer combination lock facade, once locked the latches make the same intriguing click, as you would expect from a wholesome briefcase. The cardholder’s exterior surface has been etched with a concave-style double rib, while the interiors have been lined with some beautiful black velvet. A movable handle makes you feel as if you’re really holding an attaché case!

Cardholders are an important part of our professional lives, storing our means of connecting with other like-minded professionals, however, Zero Halliburton’s Card Holder Attaché Case goes beyond the ordinary, and is sure to represent your elite taste perfectly!

Designer: Zero Halliburton

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