This minimal e-scooter perfectly fuses a retro LED display with a modern form!

Electric scooters can be pretty fun, granted you ever find the space to ride one in the hustling bustling cities of today! I’ve always associated scooters as something we kicked the dust with and used to transport ourselves from one place to another in our childhood. However, product designer Sinan Anayurt has managed to design an electric scooter quite different from the ones of yesteryears! The Dots and Lines Scooter functions as an electric personal transportation vehicle, with minimalism shining through. Anayurt adopted a very simple form, keeping it linear and geometric and allowing the crisp and clean features to do the talking.

Designer: Sinan Anayurt

A long black handle perforated with dots and numbers in inches is followed by a rectangular board. The numbered handle helps us to measure the exact height that works for us. So even if we lend it to someone, we can always switch it back to our preferred height!

The board houses a magnetic charging input and an interchangeable battery. The battery can be easily charged, and also removed when needed from the little slot reserved for it on the board.

The electric motor which powers the vehicle and its cylindrical brakes are located on the rear wheel. In fact, amped with magnets, the brakes can be used to lock the scooter once it is folded. Yes, the scooter can be folded in half, when you’ve had your fill of riding it around!

Added bonus; the handles of the handlebar can be folded in half too!

However, the Dots and Lines Scooter’s most interesting feature is its handlebar. Equipped with programmed LED lights, all of them resembling dots might I add, a circular section (or more like a collection of dots) right in the center of the handlebar functions as a new medium of user interface, without the need for screens! The collection of LED dots light up and convey the necessary information to you. Inspired by smartwatches, the dots can be controlled using a turning frame, allowing you to switch it on and off, and switch from novice mode to sports mode! Novice mode allows you to reach 15km/hr (remember it’s a scooter), whereas Sports mode lets you travel at a much exciting 17km/hr.

The front of the handlebar has been equipped with a camera as well!

Probably one of my favorite features is the scooter’s Bluetooth connectivity! You can connect the scooter to your smartphone, and enlist GPS services to help you maneuver your way around, quite useful for all those who are rubbish at navigation without a bit of technical help, including me. The LED interface lights up, directing you in the correct direction, so you can slip your phone into your pocket. No navigating and riding! The front camera can be paired up with your smartphone to click some cool photos while in action.

And for when you’re finally sick and tired of your scooter, fold it up and take a walk, or just ride it manually! The options are unlimited, and some fresh air and physical exertion are guaranteed.