Crop Pics in a Jiffy

The general norm is to go back home and touch up pictures that you have clicked using a computer. Cropic Digital Camera eliminates the step by allowing you to crop pictures and remove obtrusive background elements, right on the spot, on the camera. A dedicated button for the same lets you make the adjustments and save the perfect pic!

Designer: Tae Han Kim


  • Lion says:

    Fine job if you are the first

  • Tiger says:

    Concept-good. Design- Screams Apple. I love the design of the iphone 4 and if you look closely this design is a straight copy of it. The metal frame and bezel around the camera is straight from iphones design. The round touch button? Ipod. Nice design but try to not always copy eh…

    • josh says:

      Everything with a rounded, rectangular metal bezel and a round button is obviously a direct copy of the iphone… yep. Awesome observation.

  • Tiger says:

    …you butthurt? Thats your words, pal. I think anyone can see the similarities in the design doesnt take a genius. Go cry me a river or get a pair of glasses and observe again, smart ass.

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