Chalayan's 07/08 High-tech Winter Collection

Chalayan’s 07/08 High-tech Winter Collection

Belching steam across the catwalk, the volcanic eruptions from a hole in Hussein Chalayan’s runway presaged airborne drama. As the wild winds blew, the designer created an extraordinary melange of high- tech protection clothes and layered dresses so light that they rose like racing clouds across the models’ bodies.

0 Designer: Hussein Chalayan in collaboration with Moritz Waldemeyer

Von Zios - Watch Converts Into a Table Clock by Siti Khatijah

Von Zios – Watch Converts Into a Table Clock by Siti Khatijah

Von Zios is a unisex watch that can be transformed into a table clock. Besides showing the time, Von Zios is also a companion to the user during their journey, in the office and also at home. Every unit is interconnected by a cylindrical tube to enable the watch to be flexible and thus able to be worn by the user. In order to make the watch stand, two units need to be snapped together. This will make the watch strap rigid and therefore it able to stand on its own.

0 Designer: Siti Khatijah

Day & Night Watch by Amie Lim

Day & Night Watch by Amie Lim

The design represents a pair of 2-sided watches. One is for showing accurate time and the other side, being divided into 24 portions, is for showing the 24 hours.

When the “Day” and “Night” watches are placed together, you will see the digital screens joining together in 24 portions on the background.

0 Designer: Amie Lim

Nike Tailwind for Value-conscious Women

Nike Tailwind for Value-conscious Women

Nike has taken a concrete step by launching a new brand aimed squarely at a market segment not previously served by its core lines of athlete-focused footwear and apparel. Produced by the wholly owned Nike subsidiary, Exeter Brand Group, Tailwind, as the new brand is called, is a fashion-conscious line of footwear, officially launching in three Payless stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Tuesday.

0 Design: Nike

Volkswagen Goes Cashmere

Volkswagen Goes Cashmere

Think of traditional car merchandise and chances are you’ll picture a baseball cap, a mug, or perhaps a logo-bedecked key fob. Well, now Volkswagen is aiming to offer something a little differentlike, say, a cashmere wrap or a pair of slip-on driving shoesfor women. That’s right. Despite earlier concerns that the VW brand was becoming too feminized and in the wake of Nissan’s announcement that it’s set to increase its marketing budget by 20% this year to focus on female consumers, manufacturers increasingly are focusing on women in their dialogue.

0 Source: BusinessWeek

Footloose - Adjustable High Heels by Marte den Holllander

Footloose – Adjustable High Heels by Marte den Holllander

The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! I decided to challenge this compromise. Would it be possible to make a shoe having all advantages of high heels, just as well as the comfort of flats I designed a shoe with a high heel, which can be changed into a shoe with a low heel.

0 Designer: Marte den Holllander [ Via: Core77 ]

Piaget Altiplano Two Time Zone Watch

Piaget Altiplano Two Time Zone Watch

It took all of Piaget’s legendary daring, combined with its sovereign mastery of ultra-thin movements, to combine within a single watch two superimposed cases linked by a hinge. A highly original idea and a refined way of reading the time in two time zones, with a little touch of mystery reminiscent of so-called “secret” watches. The case done in 18kt white gold and uses Piaget caliber 450P movements with 18 jewels, beating at 21,600 bph.

0 Design: Piaget Via: TimeZone

Louis Vuitton Buys Aston Martin

Louis Vuitton Buys Aston Martin

Louis Vuitton has acquired Aston Martin from Ford at auction. The report claims its information comes from anonymous but well-placed sources and that the bidding for Aston ended earlier this week. Ford’s selling the successful British sportscar maker to raise capital for its struggling US core operation. In fact, last December Aston Martin was valued at as much as $1.2 billion by The Sunday Times.

0 Source: Luxist

Swatch Infinity - Mp3/Video/Photo Player Watch by Pierre Merlet

Swatch Infinity – Mp3/Video/Photo Player Watch by Pierre Merlet

We’re gonna have to look into why we’d never ever heard of this before, but suddenly life seems meaningful now that we’ve discovered “Infinity”, a ultra sleek wristwatch from Swatch that comes with a built-in mp3 player, video player/recorder and a photo album. Did I mention it’s also a watch.

0 Designer: Pierre Merlet

Rosendahl's Watch III by Flemming Bo Hansen

Rosendahl’s Watch III by Flemming Bo Hansen

When you cut away all the frills, it is hard to imagine how any watch could fail to resemble Rosendahl’s Watch III, designed by Flemming Bo Hansen. The watch case, clock face and strap form a complete entity. No digressions; no convolutions. A complete unit, almost like a deep black stroke of genius on your wrist, with only one function: to tell you the time. And, perhaps, to look good, too…

0 Designer: Flemming Bo Hansen

Prada Phone by LG KE850

Prada Phone by LG KE850

The Prada Phone by LG (KE850) is a real breakthrough in the industry, as it is a unique, sophisticated and elegant mobile phone with the first complete advanced touch interface. LG and Prada have worked closely together on every aspect of the product, from handset development to marketing combining the attention to detail and uncompromising quality of Prada design with the trademark technological innovation of LG mobile.

0 Designer: Prada Via: Aving Korea

Porsche Design Moccasins Shoe by Ferdinand Porsche

Porsche Design Moccasins Shoe by Ferdinand Porsche

When in 1977, Ferdinand A. Porsche was commissioned by Rossi Moda to design his first shoe, his basic idea was to create a professional aodriver’s footweara, which led to the use of especially flexible leather and a sole that extended over the toe and heel. In the new collection, the functionality of the original concept has been further refined in numerous details, such as the optimisation of the asymmetrical soles.

0 Designer: Ferdinand Porsche