A silicone carrying case keeps this handcrafted tea set safe for an impromptu tea party anywhere!

Hu-Kou is a portable ceramic tea set that comes with its own carrying case, making it easier than ever to bring tea with you anywhere you go.

Tea drinking is sacred to put it simply. Every step of the brewing method matters. Different teas call for different brewing methods, making each step detail-oriented and specific. While there are tea sets that you can travel with, the available product designs in circulation typically prioritize portability over quality brewers. Designed by Xiong&Yang, the Hu-Kou is a portable tea set that returns to details for its design and creates a new way of bringing tea with you anywhere you go, without cutting any corners.

Comprised of a carrying case, tea bowl, and three teacups, Hu-Kou comes with everything you might need for an excellent cup of tea. Specifically molded to feel ergonomic by design, Hu-Kou’s tea bowl is shaped like a triangle with a built-in spout that allows users to pour tea directly from the bowl without having to remove the lid beforehand.

Fit within a silicone carrying case, Hu-Kou’s stylish case comes with a shoulder strap so it’s even easier to bring tea on the go. The carrying case keeps enough space to fit the main tea bowl in addition to three teacups. The teacups are also triangular in shape to complement the tea bowl, giving the set as a whole a more uniform feel.

Designed for the modern tea drinker, the team at Xiong&Yang hoped to create more of an experience through Hu-Kou. With this tea set, users can easily store and pour their tea from anywhere. Through innovative conceptualizing and artful craftwork, Hu-Kou’s built-in spout is designed to keep the tea from spilling when not turned to its pouring orientation.

Designers: Kurz Kurz Design and Xiong&Yang

Xiong&Yang hoped to create an ergonomic grip for Hu-Kou.

Crafted by hand, each tea set is unique by handmade design.

Every tea set comes with its own silicone carrying case that protects the ceramics and makes the tea set portable.