This indoor vertical garden is a bio-filter with smart technology designed to improve indoor air quality!

Elpo is a biofilter that doubles as an indoor garden with integrated smart technology that improves indoor air quality and ensures healthy moisture levels.

Following the stay-at-home orders brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, new habits are hard to hit. Since then, we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors, renovating home offices, and bringing the gym to the family room. Getting back into the office, we’re all hyper-aware of the air we breathe and inevitably share with one another.

Inspired to provide an air filter for collaborative spaces, designers Kārlis Vītols, Lolita Epnere, Buka Bērziņa ushered Elpo into the office, a smart biofilter that doubles as a teeming, indoor garden.

Recognized by the European Product Design Awards, Elpo was a Top Design Winner in Flora and Fauna/Hydroponic Devices, nodding to its aesthetic and innovative design. Elpo aims to improve indoor air quality by combining technology and the power of nature.

By absorbing airborne toxins and gases into their leaves and sending them down to their roots, some plants are able to help purify the air we breathe. Equipped with a smart biofilter, it’s not only the plants that Elpo uses to improve indoor air quality.

Like many modern indoor gardens, Elpo comes stocked with automated, smart technology that lights, fans, and irrigates the potted greenery. In creating a smart biofilter that doubles as an indoor garden, Elpo improves indoor air quality while also functioning as a room divider in office settings.

The biofilter ensures healthy moisture levels, while the indoor garden boasts a stylish interior design element that opens up any room. Modular by design, buyers can even create a smart biofilter system that spans the entire width of any given room.

Designers: Kārlis Vītols, Lolita Epnere, and Buka Bērziņa

With an inconspicuous base design, the indoor garden takes the full spotlight.

Elpo looks right at home in any commercial or corporate setting.

The teeming garden feature works to brighten up every office space.

Elpo offers a cozy appeal to collaborative spaces and ensures clean air in the meantime.