This door latch attachment is a great COVID-time invention, providing a safe, hands-free way of opening doors!

The Safe Lever Door Opener is a hands-free door opener designed for commercial settings like restaurants, doctor’s offices, and workplaces.

The output of mechanical aid devices that have come out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of design when it intersects with health industries. When disaster strikes, designers pick up the pieces and build solutions. Doors have been a touchy subject for many throughout the pandemic–no one wants to touch a germ-ridden door handle. That’s why Dominic Spooner of Ember Design House created the Safe Lever Door Opener.

While various, innovative door-opening solutions have come out in recent years, like hands-free foot-door openers, they don’t work for every door type. Specifically, commercial settings like office buildings and doctor’s offices could benefit from door openers designed for door lever latches. Walking through office buildings and medical rooms, the doors are made for privacy above all else.

With this in mind, opening doors in commercial settings requires a bit more effort. The Safe Lever Door Opener works on lever latches by clipping to the door handle’s horizontal bar to provide a hands-free opening mechanism. The Safe Lever Door Opener comes with a bolstered area where users can place their forearms to unhinge the door’s lock and open the door.

Equipped with all the material necessary for setup, the Safe Lever Door Opener can be attached and fastened within five minutes. Inspired by his own hands-free method of opening doors, the team behind the Safe Lever Door Opener suggests, “It is time to eliminate that pain point safely, reliably, and affordably across restaurants, offices, schools, government buildings, and anywhere there are lever doors.”

Designer: Dominic Spooner and Ember Design House

Equipped with all necessary material for assembly, the Safe Lever Door Opener is your no-fuss door-opening solution.