This 3D-printed prosthesis helped a dog who couldn’t walk for over 7 years, to run!

This dog-friendly prosthesis prototype was 3D-printed and designed for a dog who previously couldn’t run for over seven years.

While dogs are some of the most resilient and adaptable creatures around, human-designed products aid them through life challenges like arthritis and missing limbs. When joints and ligaments break down in humans, we have braces and slings that can be picked up from our local pharmacy, making the day-to-day a little easier. Bringing that medical attention into the realm of doggos, Printthinks designed and 3D-printed two prototypes of prostheses for dogs who might need some extra help walking and running.


Inspired by a dog who couldn’t run for over seven years due to a missing leg, Printthinks committed to research and design study periods that led to the creation of their 3D-printed prosthesis prototype. Printed from a material called PETG and solely recycled materials, Printthinks created a solution that’s both eco-conscious and pet-friendly.

The sole, for instance, is cut and printed from a recycled bicycle wheel, guaranteeing maximum grip and secure footing. Describing the print process and the materials used during it, Printthinks notes, “The piece is printed on an Ultimate3 at a layer height of 0.3 mm and the other materials are nylon, rubber, and sewing thread.”

While everyone wants their products to look good, thoughtful design boils down to the tangible contributions it brings to the world. In designing their dog-friendly prosthesis, Printthinks set out to change the life of a dog who couldn’t run, let alone walk, for over seven years. Once the initial prosthesis prototype was printed, Printthinks saw their contribution running on all four legs and looking good while doing it.

Designer: Printthinks