Designed to mimic the setting sun, this reinterpretation of the analog wall clock brings it into the modern era!

Nick is a reinterpretation of the traditional analog clock, replacing hour and minute hands and markers with a sophisticated glass container that keeps an hourglass, ambient lighting, and sand to represent the slow descent of the sun.

The bad news is analog clocks are gradually reaching their point of obsolescence. The good news is new products are taking their place. There’s a comfort that comes with wall and desk lamps. It could be the constant tick-tock that feels soothing or the nostalgia that’s practically synonymous with a grandfather clock. Whatever it is, clocks bring a certain charm to every home.

Bonding the comfort of a grandfather clock and the peace that comes with watching a sunset, Seoul-based design group Low Roof conceptualized Nick, a reinterpretation of the traditional analog clock that replaces minute and hour hands with an hourglass, ambient lighting, and sand.

Designed to resemble the changing light display of the sun, the creatives behind Nick describe its inspiration, “The Nick was inspired by the sunset that symbolizes the end of the day. It was designed based on the circle of the sun, the visual elements of the slowly darkening sunset, and the principle of using the hour clock.”

Nodding to the sand-filled hourglass that indicated the passing of time throughout the day, Low Roof says, “The sand slowly obscures the light to adjust the illumination level.”

As the day goes on, the sand in the hourglass passes from the top chamber into the bottom one, indicating how much time has passed since sunrise.

Come dusk, the light inside of Nick is partially blocked and softened by the sand that grows in height to mimic the look of the sunset outside. Envisioned in a dark wood, olive green glass, and brass-dyed aluminum exterior, Nick fits right into the modern home.

Designer: Low Roof

The Nick is designed to capture the feeling of watching the sunset. 

Encased in a blown-glass container, the Nick features a sand-filled hourglass and ambient lighting. 

Just like a regular analog clock, Nick’s timing can be adjusted at any time.