This crafty little bed comes with overhead storage… just like on an airplane!

Perhaps the most ingenious inspirational overlap I’ve seen in a while, the COBBO bed gives beds a rather clever little upgrade! The COBBO bed uses the empty space between the mattress to put a nifty cabinet, reminiscent of the overhead storage you get on airplanes… so you can live out your wanderlust airplane fantasies while sitting at home!

An airplane’s cabin is perhaps the most ideal example of space optimization. Every single nook and corner of an airplane cabin goes unwasted… with the seats being packed in the most space-saving orientation, tables being folded up to eat less space, and overhead areas being used to store luggage, that would otherwise need to be kept on the floor. Michael Hilgers decided to carry this utilitarian approach from aircrafts into regular homes, giving it a minimalist upgrade that looks much more visually aesthetic than functional.

The COBBO bed, designed for furniture manufacturer OTTO, comes with a simple Nordic-inspired design with solid oak legs and white storage cabinets that are located above the sleeping area. The bed’s slightly tapered design serves two purposes, it gives the piece of furniture both visual and physical lightness, since the cabinet above the bed is significantly slimmer than the bed itself. This allowed Hilgers to use slim wooden pillars instead of metal ones, since the cabinet above the bed wouldn’t end up being overly heavy.

The slim cabinet/shelf comes with four doors (two on either side) that open to reveal a perfectly slim nook to store items like books, quilts, throws, and cushions. It’s a clever way to provide storage without cluttering the floor, making it perfect for smaller rooms, student housing, people who like minimal interiors, or just the wanderlust who wants the experience of being in an airplane but can’t travel much because of the pandemic!

Designer: Michael Hilgers for OTTO