10 Best Sleek Kick Scooters To Commute Through Your City In Style & Speed

Kick Scooters are all the trend these days! They are easy to ride, compact, and also pretty approachable! Weaving through traffic is super easy with them, letting you finally bid adieu to traffic jams. And since they’re usually electric, then you’re also automatically cutting down on fossil-fuel consumption, and being a major support to planet Earth, if you choose to ride them. In an ode to scooters and their immense functionality, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and nifty scooter designs that seem to be slowly taking over the automotive industry.

1. Electric Stand Bike

Named the Electric Stand Bike, this unique design is a personal commuter that is an excellent fit for the city skirts, as well as the outskirts. You can ride about in complete style, without adversely impacting the environment. It is an electric-powered machine with big front wheels and a single rear one to offer maximum control. The front wheels are much larger than the rear wheel – almost triple the size. The rear wheel has its independent dual suspension system which handles bumps with ease.

2. Electric Mobility Bicycle

Designed by YU ID, this electric bicycle has Cake bike-inspired aesthetics, and it takes personal commuting to a whole new level. Since it is a modular ride, it becomes an excellent fit for different kinds of users. You can use the bicycle as a scooter, a Cake bike, or an electric ride. It is inspired by everyday gadgets, and it has a unique sleek form that does not compromise on its robust aesthetics in the least.

3. City Wander’s Foldable Kick Scooter

City Wander designed an old-fashioned scooter with four wheels, instead of the typical two. It is quite easy to drive and doesn’t require much training to operate it. It is designed to be portable, and space-efficient, and you can easily fold it down, and pull it along like a flattened scooter. It also features a nifty storage compartment to hold your stuff in the front. But you need to keep in mind that it holds something before you fold the handle down.

4. Popup Scooter

Meet the Popup Scooter – a two-wheeled electric bicycle that can be transformed into a kick scooter, or the other way round! The transformative design allows the rider to pick a configuration that suits his or her riding needs. The cycle is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that allows it to move smoothly and swiftly. The mechanism can lift an adult person, so lifting and lowering the rider’s body shouldn’t be an issue at all.

5. Avci’s Scooter Concept

Designed by Fatih Avic, this e-scooter concept is intended for city residents and features a swivel front wheel, smartphone holder, and a handy space to store your belongings. It has a lightweight design and slim nature which makes it a fast and convenient choice. The swivel front wheel and hook for storing items like groceries make it an innovative and refreshing automotive design. It also has an area to hold your smartphone, letting you easily follow GPS.

6. Zipper Electric Scooter

Say hello to the Zipper electric scooter – which is easy, efficient, and convenient to ride. When not in use, you can fold the scooter down, and store it away. It has a 500W motor which can take it up to a top speed of 20 mph, and can even push it up inclined roads with a 25-degree slope. The scooter can support riders weighing up to 125 kg, so it can hold most people. It has a maximum range of 16 miles on a single charge, which powers up the 10Ah battery for four hours.

7. Supersonic Kick Scooter

Dubbed the Supersonic Kick-Scooter, this unique-looking kickscooter features an organic plant-inspired structure. It can haul an adult weight of 110kg with ease and without any fuss. Aluminum was used in the openwork construction of the scooter, keeping the weight down. It is a three-wheeled contraption that can be folded down when not in use, or when you need to put it away. You just need to push the lever by the side of the front wheels.

8. e-Tron Scooter

Inspired by Audi, Daekwang Kim designed the e-Tron scooter. The e-scooter features the cool metallic finish we typically see in Audi models, partnered up with a smooth glacier-gray coating for the scooter’s exterior deck and bar. The deck has a black, non-slip, rubber-treaded grip which ensures that your feet are firmly planted at all times. The accelerating buttons are located on the handlebar, with a smooth silicone grip to provide steady balance.

9. Mjotim

Designed by Yifeeling Design Lab, the Mjotim is a unique scooter to meet the technological standards of today, while drawing inspiration from the charm and beauty of the earlier forms of motorized scooters. Mjotim has the typical form and structure of a scooter, and it is meant to be ridden while standing up. The motor is encased inside, and the gear information is outside the steering column. It is equipped with two handlebars for steering.

10. Smacircle

The Smacircle scooter is designed to address the “last kilometer” problem of crowded cities. The scooter is designed to cover the distance between the subway stop, and your destination. Usually, there is a one or two-kilometer distance between your destination and each subway stop, and Smacircle helps you commute through that distance. You can fold down the scooter when you’re in the subway, and then unfold it and zoom out once you’ve reached your subway stop.